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Mt. Rainier Washington
Mt. Rainier, WA, USA

We understand: Life can be hectic sometimes.

The frantic commute to work. Balancing your home life with your social obligations, feeding your children while driving them to their various practices and after school activities. Long hours spent focused on your career.

Every day we ask our body and our mind to endure tremendous stress, overwhelming pressure, and endless amounts of obligations. As women, we often find ourselves the caregivers – taking care of our children, checking in on family, handing our careers, and countless other duties we take on.

...so, why don’t we always take such great care of ourselves?

Often, women ignore their own physical and mental health in order to care for others – and the results can be devastating.

The greatest wealth is health.

Women’s Health Tracker was founded on the basic belief that caring for your health and exercising self-care is necessary for living a fulfilling, long, and happy life. At the end of the day, there is nothing more precious in this world than our health. We believe in living the life you deserve – a life filled with daring adventures, laughter with friends and family, beautiful sunrises, and memorable nights with the ones you love.

...and without your health, none of those things are possible.

Our Story

Founded in 2019 with the majestic visage of Mt. Rainier adorning their backyard in the small town of Bonney Lake, Washington, Shaiket Das and Sonja Stankovic created Women’s Health Tracker to help women reclaim control over their physical and mental health through clear metrics, goals, and tracking. Designed to be an all-in-one healthcare tracker specifically for women, Shaiket and Sonja set out to create a simple to use, yet powerful tool that would improve the overall health of women in all stages of life – from young women tracking their fitness goals, to young families hoping to bring a little one into the world, or women approaching menopause, and countless other healthcare needs. Women’s Health Tracker is designed to deliver sound guidance, detailed metrics, and easily trackable statistics to make easy adjustments and improvements to overall health.

At Women’s Health Tracker, the goal and mission is a simple one: Empower women to take back control of their health and wellness, all while helping them live their best life possible. Women’s Health Tracker is designed to help women get the most out of daily life and secure a healthier, happier, and longer future filled with fun adventures, laughter, and love.

Women's Health Tracker: Empowering you to power on

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