10 Celebrity Nutrition Secrets Revealed

10 Celebrity Nutrition Secrets Revealed

By BreeAnn
When it comes to setting trends, celebrities tend to tell the rest of us where the bar is. Whether it is learning how to balance your mental health, chase your dreams, or simply live healthier lives, many celebrities have a lot to say. Since the majority of them are relatively focused on keeping a healthy lifestyle so that they can have the energy and health to do all of the things that we love watching on Instagram, a lot of them have some pretty good insights into nutrition. In this article, we will address a few.

Paleo Is Definitely In

Paleo is one of the more famous diets around, and there might be a reason for it. This diet, which is focused on natural eating, is all about eating from the planet. It avoids all of the less than favorable fast food options and focuses instead on vegetables, meats, and other delicious treats from the world around us. You might be surprised to learn that a huge list of celebrities adhere to this diet and use it to keep their bodies going strong. The list of benefits from this diet is seemingly endless as long as you can stick with it. Whether you’re looking to treat your body better or boost your energy, this might be a good one for you.

Keto Is More Popular Than You Think

The Keto diet is a somewhat controversial diet plan that involves eating a lot of high-fat foods while cutting out sugar, grains, and a lot of dairy (not cheese!). It is well known within dieting communities, but it is somewhat criticized for its focus on ketogenesis, which is basically the system that your body has in place to keep you from starving to death. On paper, it sounds pretty amazing. You can eat all kinds of bacon and other fatty foods, but you have to avoid a few others. There are doctors who fall on both sides of this approach to nutrition, but the fact is that this is one popular diet in the world of celebrities and many of them have some pretty great results to show from it including lasting energy, clear skin, and lean bodies.

There Are So Many Vegans

Internet memes aside, veganism is growing in popularity a lot in recent years. One of the biggest factors behind this is the fact that so many celebrities are making the switch to veganism or doing vegan challenges. Depending on who you ask, there are so many different benefits to gain from a switch to the vegan lifestyle. Plenty of celebrities tout its ability to slim you down while others focus more on its energy boosting processes. More shockingly, a variety of prominent athletes are revealing how they switched to veganism and still manage to keep their protein levels up. As a whole, veganism is a plant-based diet that seems fairly beneficial when it’s done right!

Detox Tea Is Like, Really Not Good For You

Not all celebrity nutrition tips are good ones, and one that has been shut down repeatedly is the use of detox teas. Many popular celebrities have touted the wonder of using detox teas to slim down quickly, but few really explain what detox tea is. In truth, the majority of popular detox teas are really just laxatives in disguise. You might be losing weight, but don’t expect your body to thank you for it anytime soon.

Pho Can Work Wonders For Your Hair and Skin

At the core of all good pho is bone broth. Admittedly, there are ways to get bone broth beyond pho, but since it is the basis for most pho dishes, it seemed like a good opportunity to show that you can have awesome health benefits from a totally tasty dish. In the celebrity world, bone broth has a great reputation. This amino acid-packed elixir is known to help promote collagen in your body. Collagen is responsible for making your hair and skin look great. It keeps everything plump and healthy, boosts your skin’s elasticity, and is packed full of nutrients that are perfect for helping your body to thrive. Bone broth can be great for your overall health, but is also known to come in incredibly handy when you’re sick. Not only do you get a delicious bowl of soup, but you also get plenty of good nutrients to help your body operate.

You Need An Unimaginable Amount of Food to Be Movie Actor Ripped

When you see celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it is easy to tell that they work out. These celebrity giants define the human standard of body-building perfection when it comes to the action hero physique. Sure, you can tell that they spend plenty of time at the gym, but do you have any idea what it takes to fuel all that? A ridiculous amount of food. These two are known to eat meals, snacks, and stack it all together with other protein supplements like shakes to make it possible for them to build that kind of mass. Generally, the difference between the person who slims down and tones up and the person who bulks out is simply how much food they are eating.

CBD Is Used In A Lot of Diet Plans

Depending on how you look at it, CBD might or might not fall into the nutrition space. Even though it’s comparable to a vitamin, a lot of people tend to consider CBD in other ways. Still, if there is one hot topic of focus right now among celebrities, it is the many benefits of this natural health booster. Think of CBD as the misunderstood sibling to a often-criticized older brother. Many people think that CBD is bad because of its relation to marijuana (even though it lacks the element that gets you high). Regardless, celebrities love the stuff. It is said to be great for your mood, helps with pain, and provides balance in the face of too much caffeine. There is a lot of research to be done on the full extent of CBD’s benefits, but there is no overlooking the fact that its use is becoming increasingly common.

Infused Water Can Give You Some Seriously Great Health Benefits

As a society, we are in the middle of a uniquely changing water culture. Celebrities tend to have a bigger reason to focus on what they put into their bodies than the average person, which is why we can learn so much from them. If there is one sentiment that they all share, it is that we need to be drinking more water. Water can help you lose weight, clear your skin, and cleanse your body. Celebrities know this and swear by it. Have you seen the pictures of popular celebrities drinking fancy infused waters? It’s not just because they taste great. It’s because it makes drinking water easy. We all like a little variety. Infused waters make it easier for us to reach for water not out of need, but want too.

Coconut Water Should Be A Household Staple

Plenty of people drink coconut water because of its many benefits. It is an excellent source of many key vitamins and has the added bonus of keeping you incredibly hydrated. Think of it like a delicious natural gatorade alternative. This is one popular drink that celebrities around the globe are endorsing actively. It’s a refreshing way to hydrate, give your body some extra nutrients, and it even comes in delicious tropical flavors!

Evaluating What You Eat Can Help A Lot

In celebrity culture, there is simply no overlooking the fact that there is an emphasis on diet and fitness. A lot of the time, we expect celebrities to look a certain way, and that can be a huge part of their job. Many actors and actresses change their diets, workout routines, and more to suit the requirements of a character. Instagram Influencers are constantly showing off their healthy lifestyle choices and talking about how it benefits them.

There is a highlighted focus on diet, and in many ways that can be damaging, but there is one good thing that we can take away from it: being more aware of what we eat. So many of us are guilty of eating when we’re bored or eating by default. Instead of simply eating out of habit, take the time to figure out if you’re actually hungry. Don’t eat a meal when a snack will suffice, and don’t gorge yourself on snacks when you want a meal. Listen to your body and act with awareness.


When it comes to nutrition, everyone should have a focus on making sure that their bodies have what they need to thrive. Whether it is drinking more water or simply choosing to eat more food that is not overly processed, there are many steps that we can all take to live longer and feel better. At the end of the day, make sure that your goal is on health. Don’t torture yourself, just help your body to do its thing.

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