8 Healthy Diets To Improve Liver Function

8 Healthy Diets To Improve Liver Function

By BreeAnn
Your liver is an incredibly important organ in your body and there are a surprising number of things that can damage it. Since this is the case, it is important to offer your liver support whenever you can. One of the more effective ways to improve your liver function is to take on a better diet. A diet that supports a healthy liver is much better for your health in the long run. The liver plays a vital role in keeping our bodies functioning well. Considering our livers are responsible for detoxing our bodies and managing harmful chemicals, it is important for everyone to eat foods that will support their livers. In many ways, your life really does depend on it. Don’t worry, supporting your liver is actually pretty easy!

Follow The Official Liver Disease Diet Plan

You don’t need to have a damaged liver to benefit from this incredible diet. Created specifically by the liver disease foundation, this diet is incredibly helpful for improving liver function. It is focused on creating optimal conditions to help keep your liver working well. Everything involved with this diet is designed to help your liver function more effectively according to scientific research into liver health.

For this diet, you really want to focus specifically on healthy eating. By eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, you provide your liver with the tools that it needs to handle all those less-than-great chemicals without taking too much damage itself. The liver has a hard job, so make sure that you show this vital organ some love by helping to boost its resistance and improve its processes. Fiber plays a fairly big role in liver health, so make sure that you add plenty to your diet to create the best possible outcome for your liver!

Add Grape Juice To Your Diet

Grapes are known for their many benefits to the human body, but one of them is built around the liver. Drinking grape juice can come with a wide range of benefits for your overall health, but it does wonders for the human liver specifically. Studies show that grapes can actually improve liver function by quite a lot by helping it to stay safe against dangerous substances.

If you are planning to go this route, it is important to remember to get real grape juice. Many popular store-bought grapefruits are not actually made from real grapes. They are mostly filled with sugar and other fruit juices, which won’t offer these same benefits. If you are planning to get some, make sure it is all-natural and made from pure grapes.

In the event that you think you are a little too old for grape juice, you might be glad to know that wine has also been proven to include liver function. Though alcohol is often considered to be the enemy of the human liver, a glass of wine a day can actually help you to improve the way that your liver functions. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it! A little wine can help, but too much wine can have the opposite effect! Get yourself a nice bottle of wine and enjoy a glass with dinner every evening!

Change Your Diet to Focus On Natural Caffeine Sources

Most of us are frequently told to tone it down with the caffeine, but our livers are less worried about it than our doctors. Though energy drinks or other chemical-based options might not do you any favors, natural caffeine sources tend to come with some surprising liver benefits. It isn’t that caffeine is necessarily good, but the plants that carry it can be. In fact, they tend to bring some pretty awesome perks beyond just giving us energy.

Coffee and tea are both clinically proven to benefit your liver. These plant-based caffeine boosters can easily help you to improve liver function with a fun nutritional benefit. Now, you can feel proud when you enjoy your morning coffee because you know that you are doing a great job of helping your liver out.

Coffee is actually considered to be one of the best nutrition choices for your liver. Not only does it offer you plenty of energy, but it also makes it easy for you to heal and withstand damage to your liver. This is something used by those with liver damage and healthy livers alike. It creates the perfect elixir to support your liver health. Just like with alcohol, this is another one that is best used in smaller amounts. Too much caffeine isn’t good for you or your liver.

Eat A Fibrous Diet

Fiber plays a huge role in overall liver health. In fact, it is strongly linked to liver function and effectiveness. Since this is the case, eating foods that are high in fiber can help your liver to really be its best self. It is a great way to help boost liver function and it can also be delicious! There are plenty of great ways to get more fiber in your diet.

Fiber comes in many forms, but fruits and vegetables are full of it. This is also a great way to ensure that you’re getting what you need from a vitamin perspective. If you need another way to get some more fiber, don’t worry. Bread and rice are also great examples of ways to get more fiber. Just don’t eat too much fiber or you can cause yourself some other problems!

Eat An Antioxidant-Based Diet

Nutritionists are always talking about antioxidants, but what do they really do for us? Studies show that antioxidants help our bodies to recover more quickly and can improve overall immune system responsiveness. This means that your body has what it needs to avoid damage, which is what happens with your liver. Diets that are high in antioxidants are great for helping your liver to withstand damage.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of foods that are high in antioxidants. Raisins, kale, blueberries, cranberries, and beans are all filled with antioxidants. If you want something more in the dessert space, dark chocolate is also a great supply of antioxidants. Eat more chocolate for your health!

Boost Your Hydration

The liver is responsible for all kinds of important functions, but one in particular as filtration. For this reason, adopting a hydration-focused diet can help you to really give your liver a helping hand. Focus on drinking more water and eating more fruit. Whether it is plain or with fruit added in for some fun flavoring, water is a must.

When you think about it, water is the ultimate tool for hydration. It helps push everything through your body so that toxins don’t get backed up. Water’s helpful effects on your liver are easy to see when you drink alcohol. Drinking water helps to sober you up because it helps your body filter the alcohol out.

As a general rule, water helps our bodies to function better every step of the way. It can improve our immune systems, make our skin look nicer, and can help a lot with energy and managing weight. Make sure you drink enough water every single day to get these benefits.

Cut Out Restaurants

Restaurants have a tendency to do things to food that we would never do at home, and that’s why they taste so good. Butter, grease, and other fatty add-ons can do a ton for flavor, but they aren’t good for our bodies. Foods made in restaurants tend to have way more calories and generally include ingredients that are best left avoided for the sake of your overall health.

These foods have a tendency to be more toxic for you than other healthier alternatives. If you’re frequently eating out, you might be actively damaging your liver. Either way, you aren’t doing right by it, particularly if your food is deep-fried. Healthier low-fat diets can help you to keep your liver going strong.

Eat More Italian Food

All Italian food might not benefit your liver, but one of their favorite ingredients will: garlic. Garlic has been proven to offer your body a wide range of healthy ingredients and improved live function is one of them. This unique ingredient helps organs all around your body! Not only will garlic help you to keep your heart going strong, but it can also play a role in helping you to cleanse your liver. Keeping your liver clean and free of toxins helps promote effective liver function.

Garlic helps with keeping your liver clean because of a chemical called selenium. Selenium has been proven to clean out your liver and give you the ability to effectively detox the organ too. With garlic, you can help your body to readily flush toxins out so they don’t stay and cause damage to your liver. Selenium is an element that can be obtained in foods like garlic, but can also come in other forms. It is helpful for keeping your body free of damaging oxidants that could cause problems for your liver’s health by forcing it to resist damage and more effectively cleanse the organ.


Our liver does so much for us that we absolutely need to give back to it. As a big thank you to the best organ around, we should all focus more on eating liver-friendly foods. Keeping our livers safe and supported can help us to live long and happy lives!

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