6 Breast Firming Workouts that Actually Work

6 Breast Firming Workouts that Actually Work

Jessie Wallace
By Jessie Wallace
If you’re not happy with your breasts, you’re probably not surprised to hear that you’re not alone. However, across the world, a massive 171 percent say they are not happy with their breast size. That’s a pretty decent chunk of the world’s women who want to change a fairly prominent part of themselves, but what can we really do to alter our appearance? There’s a number of things women who want firmer or larger breasts do to change their shape from stuffed bras to surgery, but what about really changing your shape in a more natural way?
Breasts are mostly fat. There’s no muscle to train and tone, so many think it’s a lost cause. However, underneath the soft tissues are muscles. Your pectoral muscles are a large muscle group covering your chest and often are underworked in many women. There’s a reoccurring thought that exercising those muscles will reduce the size of your breasts, but that concept is wrong. Exercising muscles will increase and tone those muscles. Think about it, we’ve all seen images of those muscle bulging bodybuilders with huge arms and abs as hard as rocks. They also have a larger chest than most women. That’s because, like any other muscle, pectorals increase in size when worked. While your actual breasts won’t get perkier or larger, the muscles underneath will with the right workout routines, helping to lift the breasts and make your chest larger.
The pectorals contribute to overall body posture, so if they’re stronger it will help you to stand taller, which will in turn make your breasts look fuller and perkier as well. There are other fitness benefits to working your chest muscles. Improving your chest strength will improve your breathing as the pectoral muscles are attached to your ribs allowing better expansion and control. Stronger pecs mean deeper breathing and better oxygen intake.
Another point to consider is that chest exercises are just like any exercise. There are countless 2benefits that come from physically exerting yourself, from a healthier heart to an improved overall mood. We’re all aware that to be healthy we need to work out. It only makes sense to work your chest as well as every other part of your body.


The classic push up is something everyone knows how to do. It requires no equipment and no complicated movements. It’s easy and effective, and that’s why it’s on this list. The motion works the pectoral muscles, breast firming, and uses your own body weight to give you a great workout. It also works your 3back and core, helping to strengthen your posture and tone your abdominal area. If you’re having difficulties with it, you can put your knees on the floor for added stability and reduced weight. Just work your way up to keeping your body straight. To do a successful push-up you will put your hands and toes on the floor. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart. Keeping your body straight, lower yourself toward the floor, but push your body back up before you get too low. Do this repeatedly, and like many workout routines, it’s best to do this in sets with short rests in between.

Barbell Bench Press

This is a great breast firming workout, but it does require some equipment. To do the Barbell Bench Press it’s fairly obvious that you’ll need a bench and a barbell. Lie on your back on the bench with your feet flat and your knees bent. Keeping your arms vertically straight, grip the barbell and straighten your arms, inhaling as you do so. Hold that a few seconds, then lower it back down, exhaling. Again, you’ll want to do this in sets, such as doing 10 reps, resting for 10 seconds, then repeating two more times. Another benefit of this exercise is that it will work your arms too, helping to tone them.

Y Raise

The Y Raise consists of using dumbbells to stretch and strengthen chest muscles and arms. Grab your preferred weights, it may be good to start with a lighter weight and work your way up. Stand tall with your feet about perpendicular with your hips. Hold the weights in front of your thighs and keep your core strong throughout the motion. Focusing on pulling your shoulder blades down, raise your arms to create the ‘Y’ shape that gives this exercise its name. Lower the dumbbells to be in front of your thighs again slowly, remembering to keep your core tight as you do so. The 4Y Raise will help with posture and tone your back as well as lifting and firming your chest. It requires minimal equipment that can be easily changed to accommodate differing levels of strength, making it easy for you to improve this workout over time and prevent you from plateauing.

Overhead Shoulder Press

This is another exercise that needs a pair of dumbbells. Stand straight and tall with your feet a little wider than your shoulder-width apart for a balanced. Hold your arms straight out to your sides with your elbows bent so your forearms are vertical. Keep your palms forward while holding the dumbbells, raise your arms higher, creating an arch with your arms. You don’t want to bring the weights high enough that your arms are straight up, just enough to be above your head. Repeat this motion 12 times, then rest for 10 seconds. Continue two more times to complete the workout. There are some variations of the Overhead Shoulder Press that can shake up your routine and allow you to work those muscles in a different way. This exercise will also work your back and arms.

Camel Pose

It’s not all about weights when focusing on breast firming. Stretching is also important for any muscle group you’re trying to strengthen. To do this pose and give your chest muscles a good stretch, kneel on the floor with your spaced a little bit apart. Reach behind your back and grab your heels, stretching your chest and back. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then repeat. This pose will also improve respiration and strengthen your thighs as well, as well as several other 5fitness benefits. It’s important to stretch to keep your body loose and flexible, and it will feel great.

Seated Dumbell Fly

The Seated Dumbbell Fly consists of laying on an inclined bench with a pair of dumbbells. Keep your abs tight and your shoulders pulled back. Bend your elbows a bit and let your arms hang, then bring them up almost until the dumbbells are meeting above your chest. Repeat this motion 12 times with a 10-second break. Doing two sets is an adequate workout, and you can choose different dumbbell weights to accommodate your personal needs. This 6exercise mainly works the chest and shoulder, and uses a good opening motion. Don’t try to hurry your way through this one. Move at a steady pace to avoid using the wrong muscles. If you are starting out and find yourself tiring before getting 12 lifts in, it would be better to take the 10-second break earlier rather than try to rush to get in the count.

Often, when we are dissatisfied with our physical appearance we simply become discouraged and assume there’s nothing we can do to really change it. It’s just genetics and we’re stuck that way. Or, sometimes we reach for those quick fixes that don’t actually help us or change what we want to be changed. We underestimate how much control we really have over our bodies, and while genetics do play a major role in how our bodies process and store fat, there are things we can do to change our shapes. While it’s important to love ourselves and how we look, it’s also important to be healthy and fit. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do things in a healthy and beneficial way to improve our appearance and make us more satisfied with ourselves. If you work hard enough, you can achieve your goals for physical fitness and will appreciate your body even more because of the hard work you’ve put in.

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