10 Important Foods That Reduce Menstrual Cramps

10 Important Foods That Reduce Menstrual Cramps

By BreeAnn
Most women agree that there are few things worse than period cramps. The fact is that cramps are, more often than not, a painful reminder of what our bodies are going through. They can leave us groaning in discomfort or even crying on the floor depending on how bad they are. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can help your body to fight back. With the right foods, you might just find that getting through your period is surprisingly manageable.

A Good Old-Fashioned Steak

Assuming that you’re not vegan, steak is probably a pretty good choice for you when it comes to managing cramps and PMS. A lot of the time, when we experience really painful cramps, it is because our bodies are already in a prone state. A huge part of this is that we are actively losing blood, which means losing a lot of iron.

Even if your iron levels are normally fine, mother nature has a way of making most women slightly anemic during their time of the month. Anemia is no joke and can come with some seriously terrible side effects, including exhaustion, which makes our pain worse. Red meat is known for being high in iron. As a bonus, it also has a high protein amount, which helps your body to function better and will give you much-needed energy.

Your Delicious Green Friend The Avocado

I am of the controversial opinion that avocados pretty much make everything better all the time, but in this case, it is true. The primary health benefit of the avocado is its unique ability to provide you with a ton of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are known for their wonderful contributions to your body and health, but one thing that really sells them during your time of the month is their ability to reduce swelling.

As a general rule, pain in all of its forms is usually a result of swelling. When things swell, they fill with blood and it is just all-around bad news for us. Fortunately, your friend the avocado is more than ready to help you to reduce swelling and will also boost your spirits. It is an excellent way to get a tasty treat and lessen those pesky cramps at the same time.

Spinach, Well Done

This unique vegetable is known for its role in all kinds of great meals on Pinterest, but also for its ability to provide us with a range of great health benefits. Cooked spinach is a surprisingly great source of potassium, iron, and B-vitamins. Potassium is effective at reducing pain and bloating, iron will boost your body and keep you going strong, and B-vitamins are known mood boosters.

Everyone knows that when you feel bad, your pain is almost always worsened. Considering the fact that PMS tends to come with some terrible emotional side effects, it pays to have a little boost of positivity rooting for you in your blood. With some well-made spinach, you can give your body exactly what it needs to fight back against PMS.

The Many-Faces of the Potato

Potatoes are a magical breed of vegetable that makes every meal better regardless of how you make them. In addition to this, they are also a really great source of potassium. This means that you can enjoy chowing down on baked potatoes, french fries (exercise some caution here since too many fatty foods can actually worsen cramps), and more to reduce those cramps and help your body out.

A baked potato is a surprisingly great food when you are on your period, particularly if you dress it up. Sour cream, which is an excellent source of calcium, can help you to recover from those painful cramps more quickly. Even better, it makes baked potatoes even more delicious and we all know you deserve something good. Consider throwing in some cheese or even bacon bits for more delicious cures!

Cheese, Cheese, and More Cheese

If you ever needed an excuse to go heavy on the queso, your cramps might just offer you the opportunity that you have been looking for. Cheese, which is an excellent source of calcium, is a really great thing to add to your diet when you are on your period. Calcium plays a huge role in reducing cramps and helping to reduce bloating as a whole. However, this is only a good choice if you are not one of the people who actually bloat when they eat cheese (I’m looking at you lactose intolerant folks who gorge themselves on cheese because it is delicious).

For those who are able to eat it, cheese actually has some surprising health benefits. Good cheese is often high in calcium, Omega-3s, protein, and even B-Vitamins. Basically, adding cheese to your meal is the perfect way to get everything that your body needs during this painful time. So, add some cheese and then add even more cheese!

All The Yogurt

Yogurt is a unique creation that the majority of us should eat more of, but it is also great for helping with cramps and other PMS symptoms. It is absolutely loaded with calcium, which we’ve already discussed the wonders of, but it has one extra magical element: probiotics.

For those who don’t know, probiotics are really helpful for balancing your gut bacteria. It’s the perfect way for you to make sure that your body is digesting things well, and it helps to create an environment where good bacteria can flourish to combat any of that pesky bad bacteria. Most of us are known for getting upset stomachs during that time of the month, and probiotics can help keep things going well so you don’t have to be sick and in pain at the same time.

The Wonder That Is The Breakfast Burrito

Though breakfast burritos may vary in ingredients depending on your personal preferences, the fact is that the breakfast burrito is perfect for fighting PMS symptoms. Eggs, which are an excellent source of protein and B-Vitamins are awesome for helping you to recover from a wide range of unpleasant PMS symptoms. When you pair this with the other breakfast burrito staples, cheese, and potatoes, it is easy to see that a good breakfast burrito is basically a miracle cure when it comes to managing your PMS issues. If ever you needed a reason to eat more breakfast burritos, scientists everywhere endorse these ingredients.

A Piping Hot Mug Of Tea

An excellent way to balance your cramps is a nice hot drink. A hot mug of tea can bring a variety of different health benefits all while soothing your poor aching body. There are plenty of teas that are designed to help the body to relax and aid in recovery, but there are some other perks too

A lot of us feel pretty tired when that time of the month hits, so a neutral dose of caffeine can be helpful. It can curb the exhaustion and make it possible for your body to more effectively cope with the pain of the cramps. When you take this approach, don’t overdo it. Too much caffeine can actually make cramps worse. However, a subtly caffeinated tea or simple caffeine-free alternative can do wonders.

Some Luscious Strawberries

Strawberries are delicious and magical fruits that are so good that most of us consider them dessert, but they are also cramp-friendly. Most of us aren’t nearly as good about staying as hydrated as we should be, and that can make it difficult for our bodies to operate well. During your period, it is even more important for you to stay hydrated. Your body is working harder than ever and you are actively losing water from your body. Fortunately, strawberries make it easy to remain hydrated while also enjoying a delicious snack. These tasty and tart berries can keep you hydrated, refreshed, and also offer other vitamins that help your body to work better.

Chocolate, Obviously

Chocolate is basically the greatest thing that has ever been made, but it is also scientifically proven to help with period cramps. This wonderful treat that we are all known to crave when mother nature hits is actually loaded with magnesium, which can help a lot when it comes to lessening cramps. As if that isn’t enough, chocolate is also known to make people feel good, and not just because it is delicious. Fortunately, with a nice chocolate bar, you can enjoy physical and mental benefits that will make your period somewhat more bearable.


Menstrual cramps aren’t fun, but they can be fought with the right kinds of nutrition. Fortunately, our bodies are able to adapt to the situation and with the right tools, you can help your body to fight back. Eating some delicious foods is a small price to pay when it comes to feeling better, so find what works for you and watch those terrible cramps fade into oblivion!

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