8 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun

8 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun

By BreeAnn
The human body requires certain things to stay healthy. Unfortunately for some of us gym-haters, one of those things is exercise. Despite the fact that we live in a gym-focused world where every Instagram video is about squats and burpees, it is important to realize that exercise comes in a lot of different forms. You don’t need to lift weights to be active. You just need to get moving.
When it comes to exercise, it is all about getting your blood flowing. Unless you want to be sculpted in a specific way, any kind of exercise will do. In this article, we are going to focus on how to make exercising a little more fun so you can be healthy without losing your motivation.

Try Different Kinds of Working Out

When it comes to working out, not everyone likes the same things. Sure, you might find that you enjoy going to the gym and doing traditional workouts, but what if you want something more? It’s completely normal to find traditional workouts boring. In fact, most people feel this way, which is why they ultimately end up quitting. When working out feels like a chore, it is really hard to stay motivated. Fortunately, there are so many fun ways to exercise that might be way more up your alley.

Try something new like Yoga
Try something new like Yoga

Working out is a many-faced concept these days. If you don’t like lifting weights, why not try going for a nice refreshing swim? If you don’t want to spend time using some intimidating machine, how about you try some nice relaxing yoga? There are so many different ways to get healthy. Instead of focusing on what you think working out looks like, find ways to be more active that you actually enjoy. It will make establishing good workout habits so much easier!

Play Active Games

A lot of the time, people remember being so much more active as children. When you’re young, you can run, jump, and play to your heart’s content. Still, so many of us lose this along the way. If you want a really great way to be more active without the grueling effort of going to the gym, try playing active games. Sports, believe it or not, are just as fun when you are an adult. In fact, many adult groups find new ways to make it even better, like grabbing drinks or even bringing some food.

So many people think that you can’t really play sports as an adult unless you were great at them as a kid. This isn’t even remotely true. In fact, plenty of different teams probably exist in your neighborhood. These teams are generally filled with people just like you who want to exercise but also have fun doing it. Signing up is a great way to have fun, improve your sense of fitness, and meet new people at the same time!

Work Out While You Watch TV

Not all of us have the willpower to do nothing but focus on working out. Whether it is sheer boredom or just the way that it makes you hyperfocus on the fact that you’re exercising, it doesn’t work for everyone. This is why it is more important than ever to get creative. With a little creativity, you can easily find a way to make working out bearable, and the answer is easy: TV.

Exercise while watching TV
Exercise while watching TV

If you’re like most of us, you can probably spend hours watching TV despite the fact that thirty minutes at the gym feels unbearable, right? Fortunately, you can leverage your love of TV in a more interactive way to get your Netflix and your workout in too. The internet is filled with amazing TV-based workouts. Whether it is doing a squat every time someone says “North” in Game of Thrones or simply doing leg-lifts during the commercials, you can make working out a lot more fun. It is basically balancing all the fun and all the work in one!

Work Out With Friends

Just like pretty much anything else in life, working out is better with friends. There is just a whole other level of wonder that comes from going to the gym with your best pals. Working out with friends brings a huge range of benefits, but one of the best is without question the fact that it makes it a much better time. When you’re on a run with a friend, you can have a nice conversation and laugh along. It makes the minutes go by much faster.

Work out with friends
Work out with friends

In general, working out with friends is more fun because it brings better energy. Working out alone can be good for focus and dedication, and that works for some people. For the rest of us, it is way better if we can take the time to focus on something that isn’t working out. Laughing with friends is a great way to make it less monotonous.

Do Work Out Challenges

Some people love competition but aren’t huge fans of working out. Don’t worry, you can find your way around it. If you have been spending time frustrated because you just can’t get into it, why not try a little challenge? Workout challenges are a great way to drive you to go farther and push harder in your workouts.

There are two primary kinds of ways to challenge yourself in the modern age. First, you can use workout apps, which will give you badges and achievements for meeting certain goals. This is a lot of fun for most competitive people and it allows you to do it alone. Some badges are even built around holidays and special events to help you join a more active community as you all improve your fitness around the world.

In addition to badges and achievements, you can do competitions with other people that you know. A friendly competition is a great way to motivate you and your friends to be more active. Try competing for calories burned or miles ran!

Use Fun Workout Apps

The world is filled with brilliant and wonderful people who are looking to help make working out a little bit easier. Fortunately, through their efforts, you can find all kinds of fun ways to encourage your fitness habits. These apps vary so much in what they offer. Some offer actual workout and exercise opportunities while others reward you with fun things for working out. The possibilities are endless!

Workout apps are great!
Workout apps are great!

One of the most popular apps for exercise right now is Just Dance Now. This amazing app makes it easy for you to play a fun and interactive dance game. All you need is a smartphone and a screen and you are all good to go. You can burn a ton of calories dancing to hit songs!

If dancing isn’t your thing, you can try Zombies, Run! This amazing running app fills your ears with riveting stories and places you right in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. As you run, you will collect items to build up your base!

Embrace the Power of Dance

For those who want to be more active but just can’t commit, there is always one amazing option: dancing and jumping around. For generations, humans have actively jumped around and danced to celebrate. This is completely easy to do, and it can burn a surprising amount of calories. Just go into your room, turn on some jams, and dance like crazy.

Dance is a great exercise
Dance is a great exercise

You might be thinking that you aren’t much of a dancer, and that’s fine. You don’t need to be. Your only goal is to get moving. Flail your arms and jump around. Be as silly as you want. You’re not doing this to dance well. You’re doing this to be more active, get your heart rate up, and have fun doing it!

Create The Ultimate Workout Playlist

A good workout playlist is without question the most crucial part of working out. Generally, there are two kinds of people: music people and podcast people. A lot of us need a little extra something to hold our minds when it comes to working out. That is completely fine. Whatever works, works. What matters is finding something that can get you in the zone.

Whether it is an amazing hype playlist or a really engaging podcast that makes the minutes slip by, the right kind of playlist can make it easy to go hard at the gym. There is nothing better than running to high-energy music or lifting weights while your favorite comedian cracks jokes. It is all a matter of finding the right background noise.


As you move forward towards your fitness goals, remember that at the end of the day, being active is all that matters. It doesn’t matter if you go for a walk, skip down the street, or play a game of tag with friends in a forest. All that matters is that you are putting in the time to get your heart rate up and do right by your body. Find something that gets you moving and lets you have fun and stick with it!

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