Incredible Workout Routine is Taking Women By Storm

Incredible Workout Routine is Taking Women By Storm

By BreeAnn
There are so many great workout routines available for women in this day and age. It has never been more convenient to get fit, particularly from the comfort of your own home. Though women used to spend time doing aerobics tapes, the modern woman almost always finds her exercise routines in an app. Countless fitness apps exist that are perfect for helping you to chase down any goal. Whether you want to get stronger, bigger, slim down, or even just tone, there are apps that are absolutely perfect for you out there. One of the more interesting workout routines to grace the market is tucked away in the Yoga Studio app, and it is known as Hip Hop Yoga.

What Is Hip Hop Yoga?

Hip Hop Yoga is not your average set of yoga classes. This unique collection is something that the Yoga Studio app dropped, and I just had to stop and question if I was reading the title correctly. If you are looking for a spiritual and calming yoga routine, you won’t find it here. Hip Hop Yoga is a specialized kind of yoga that involves upbeat music and fun dance twists on classic yoga poses. It will not make you feel incredibly centered and calm, but it will burn some serious calories.

The Music

In these classes, you won’t be dancing to the hip hop songs that you hear on the radio. Instead, you will be listening to hip hop inspired music that allows you to move quickly to a beat. It is perfect for keeping your energy flowing and can really help you to keep your moves in sync. The app offers you a nice rhythm that makes it easy to follow along as you really get moving.

The Moves

The real power of these classes is that they aren’t quite hip hop and they aren’t quite yoga. Though it does rely on certain yoga moves, they are often modified and set to a beat to make it more like a dance. You will have so much fun moving through these positions to a whole new beat. It is a great way to remain energized and will leave you with a little more swing in your hips. If you’re not a dancer, don’t worry. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get moving and have fun.

Getting Out Of Your Own Head

For me, the real power behind the app’s hip hop yoga routines is the way that it gets you out of your own head and forces you to focus. Between the moves, the music, and the instructor’s helpful encouragement, you will find yourself absolutely forced into your body. If you’re like me and you struggle with staying focused, these classes are perfect. From the moment you start to the moment that you finish, you will leave the real world and live only within your body. Your entire focus will be on your next move and the rhythm of the music. Unlike traditional yoga that generally relies on holding certain poses, Hip Hop Yoga does an amazing job of focusing specifically on moving. You will never be bored because you will always be switching to the next challenge before the original one even sets in.

So many of us struggle with ego in our yoga practices, and this class is perfect for leaving it behind. Its fun nature makes it easy for you to just step outside of yourself and really focus on your workout. It is the perfect way to boost your fitness and forget what you were nervous about. Since it is fast-paced and challenging, you will find yourself forgetting about what you look like as you rise to the challenge. Its intensity makes it easy for you to really commit and overlook your normal hangups. As you get moving, you will leave all of your thoughts behind.

Dancing Out The Burn

Many people run Google searches on whether or not you can lose weight doing yoga. Though objectively any kind of exercise enables you to lose weight, Hip Hop Yoga is much more in line with traditional weight loss techniques. It might be a yoga class, but in reality, it is high-intensity cardio. By my own measurements from my Apple Watch, ten minutes of beginner level Hip Hop Yoga burned more than running a mile. It is not a calming and relaxed class. It is high intensity, and you will be sweaty by the end of it.

Everyone burns calories differently, and the amount that you burn can change by the class, but these classes are perfect for boosting your overall fitness. You can burn a lot of calories very quickly, and it is incredibly fun at the same time. The first time that I took the intro class, it absolutely kicked my butt, but I loved it so much that I immediately restarted it and did it again. You will dance away your calories, and you will love every minute of it, even though it is fairly tough.

Classes For Every Level

The Yoga Studio app is notorious for meeting yogis of any level. Whether you are just getting started or you want more of a challenge, this app is happy to meet you at your level. The Hip Hop Yoga routines come in two different levels: beginner and intermediate. This is perfect for yogis of all types, but also nice for allowing you to choose your intensity. To be clear, you can do any of the classes regardless of your yoga level. They are friendly for people who are just starting as well as people who are completely seasoned. However, you can choose which level you want by intensity to determine what you will get out of your workout. This gives you complete control over your experience on the mat.

The really great thing about this app is that it is designed to suit your lifestyle. Instead of forcing you to commit to a thirty-minute class, you can easily do a quick ten-minute Hip Hop Yoga class and get in a quick burst of cardio. Even one ten minute class allows you to burn a lot of calories and can be thrown into your day when you don’t have time for anything else. If you want to add more of a challenge, simply do more of the classes or repeat the classes as needed.

No, You Don’t Need To Be A Dancer

A lot of people are immediately concerned about the dance element of these classes. If you’re anything like me, the concept of Hip Hop Yoga won’t make any sense until after you have actually tried it. It is yoga and it does rely on popular yoga poses, but it takes your flow to a whole new level. Instead of counting or simply allowing time to pass, you will move on a beat to make sure that you are moving along correctly. Though you will end up shaking your butt a little, it really isn’t dancing. It’s a fun and active way to spice up yoga and add a little bit of extra cardio to your life. You can burn calories and dance without actually dancing.

It’s Way Better Than Squats

Though each of the routines varies, you can get a really serious leg workout in these classes. The first class will give you similar effects to squats, but it is a lot more fun. Yes, it does burn. It hurts. You will be in a low yoga squat, shaking it like there is no tomorrow, and trust me, you will feel it the next day. Still, instead of focusing on boring and methodical squat techniques, you can have a little more fun as you grit your teeth and power through the moves. Rest assured, your thighs will feel it.

Making A Routine

One of the best parts of this app is that it allows you to easily make a routine. You can try all of the available Hip Hop Yoga classes and decide how you want to assemble your routine from what is available. If you do the full set, it comes in at a staggering one hour and twenty-five minutes. However, each class is broken down into smaller parts to make it easy for you to pick and choose which ones will benefit you the most. It can be really great to change which classes you do when to keep things interesting and add more variety to your fitness routine.


Cardio is an effective way to lose weight and tone up muscles, particularly when it is this intense. If you’re looking for something new and fun to try that will help you to be more active, these classes really are a blast. It is a fun and unique workout routine that will allow you to burn calories, try something new and have a good time doing it. Whether you love yoga or haven’t tried it, these classes are great for helping anyone to get active. Make sure to try each one and assemble a routine that works for you!

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