These 7 Things Will Change The Way You Embrace Birthmarks

These 7 Things Will Change The Way You Embrace Birthmarks

By BreeAnn
Birthmarks are known for coming in all shapes and sizes, and the majority of us have some variation of them. Though not all birthmarks look the same, it is all too easy to see the charm of them. Each marking is something special, and many of us have marks that help to define us. For new parents, sometimes birthmarks can be a point of concern, particularly when they don’t look all that common. They can come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, but the reality is that most birthmarks are completely normal and completely healthy. In this article, we will discuss some fun facts about birthmarks that will help you to see them for the fun customizations that they really are!

Birthmarks Are Completely Unique

One reason to really embrace birthmarks is the fact that they are completely unique. When your baby is born with a birthmark, that is a custom marking that they bear. It is original and has been added specifically for them. Sure, someone else might have a similar marking, but the reality is that birthmarks are formed through such a unique process that they will always be different. Birthmarks, quite like fingerprints, are formed from an organic process that cannot be replicated. This means that the special marking on your child is something that is just as unique as they are. It is just one more special trait for you to love!

The Reincarnation Myth

There are countless myths about birthmarks that we will explore, but one of the more favored ideas is based on the concept of reincarnation. Many people hold the belief that birthmarks are actually an indication of when or how a person died in a past life. These beliefs can bring together some incredibly funny and exciting theories, but either way, they are fun to talk about and come up with. In fact, this is a really fun game to play with friends and family. It allows you all to sit around and come up with thrilling or outrageous stories about how you died in a past life, and it can get quite funny.

The first thing to consider is the location and size of the birthmark. You might have noticed that you have a birthmark square on your belly. Perhaps you were once a brave and noble knight who valiantly took a sword to save an innocent, or perhaps you simply ate the wrong food from a bad vendor! It can be a lot of fun to come up with these stories with the family in order to see what you all decide for their own dramatic ending. If your baby has a birthmark, you can take turns brainstorming about your baby’s magnificent former life! For those who have many birthmarks, it is up to the family to decide if the person was simply accident-prone or if one mark is more significant than the others!

Some Birthmarks Aren’t Present At Birth

Birthmarks can be a bit of a misnomer in many cases. You would be surprised by how many children are born without a single mark on them, then ultimately develop them over time. Not all birthmarks are actually present when your baby is born. Many parents find that, over the weeks, their babies develop birthmarks directly after leaving the hospital. For some parents, this can be quite a bit of fun. As you spend time nuzzling your baby and getting to know them, you might just notice that their body is changing in adorable ways too.

For many parents, a new birthmark can be a cause for concern. Most pregnancy help guides don’t tell you how to manage when your child develops a random marking. You might spot a mark that you absolutely know was not on your baby before and wonder if it is dangerous. In reality, many children develop birthmarks in the weeks after their birth. However, if you begin to notice obscure bruising or significant growth, it might be best to ask for a professional opinion. If you simply notice a new mark developing, don’t worry. That is just the final stage of your baby’s growth coming through.

The High Emotions Myth

Birthmarks have long since been considered one of the more interesting traits that a person can have, which is why there are so many fun myths about them. Another popular myth surrounding birthmarks is largely built around the mother. It was once believed that when a pregnant woman would experience high levels of emotion, she would ultimately end up transferring this burst of energy to her baby, and it would leave a mark. This origin story for birthmarks is one of the more fun ones around. It makes you wonder what you could possibly have felt that would leave a mark on your child in this way.

Though some theories surrounding this myth can be somewhat dark, they don’t have to be. As far as this myth is concerned, any extreme emotion will do it. For all you know, your baby could have a birthmark from that time when you were having incredibly strong cravings and ate the best brownie of your life! Happy emotions are also strong, and new mamas have all kinds of great reasons to feel good. Your baby’s birthmark might be a little reminder that you felt so unbelievably happy for a magical moment while they were growing. Each little mark might just be a physical representation of love and joy!

Some Birthmarks Are Not Permanent

Not all parents know how to feel about certain birthmarks. It isn’t that they love any cell of their baby any less, but some of these markings do make parents wonder, particularly when they have interesting placements. There are a few common kinds of birthmarks that have been known to shock parents. Many babies are born with startling red marks, and a lot of the time these marks are on actually positioned on the baby’s face. Before you worry about what could cause such an angry red mark, it is important to understand that not all birthmarks are permanent. In fact, many of them actually go away fairly quickly after a child is born. In the same way that some can appear, others can completely disappear.

Understanding this is important to save yourself some heartbreak. Many times babies will be born with birthmarks that their parents absolutely adore. However, not all birthmarks are permanent. Before you get too attached to your baby’s adorable mark, consider the reality that the mark might just be stopping by before it vanishes completely. To help with this, we recommend taking as many pictures of your baby and their cute markings as possible!

The Royalty Record

Did you know that some civilizations actually believe that birthmarks are indicative of royal or sacred bloodlines? So often, we forget to focus on just how unique and special a birthmark really is. Older societies knew that these marks were meant to be celebrated as a unique part of the human body and they chose to act accordingly.

Special markings and unique physical attributes have often been a cause for speculation, but not every attribute gets related to royalty. Historically, some societies have been known to consider the possibility that birthmarks are actually quite special and that only the most special among us have them. Though most of us have some birthmarks, others are more spectacular in detail and shape. Societies have long since considered this to be a wonderful thing!

Birthmarks Have Always Been Around

Birthmarks have been a major area of discussion for quite a while now. In fact, history has a great many records that demonstrate the relevance of birthmarks in one way or another, both good and bad. You might be shocked to learn that during the Salem Witch Trials, birthmarks were considered a witch’s mark. These marks were said to identify witches, much to the shock and horror of many innocent women.

Now, as we reflect upon the significance of birthmarks and their role within society, we can see a new shape taking form. All around the world, people are born with birthmarks. They are completely normal, and most of us have them. In the modern age, we have drifted away from speculations about what the marks can mean and simply understand that they are natural.


Birthmarks don’t need to be any specific design for us to all embrace just how great they really are. Each of us are unique individuals who have little differences that make us special. Birthmarks are exactly the kind of differences that we should be embracing. Whether you want to believe one of the many amazing myths surrounding birthmarks, or you just like knowing that they aren’t going to harm your baby, the fact is that birthmarks are one of the many cool traits that the human body can possess. If you have birthmarks or are just looking at the marks on your new baby, remember that these markings, like your child, are completely rare!

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