27 Weeks Pregnant

27 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
Yes, you have now officially reached the last week of your second trimester, and you will soon be stepping into your third trimester. It is a transition period, and several changes will happen to you and your little one during this time. Hence, you have to take good care of yourself to ensure no issues are there during your delivery. Since it is a significant milestone, you have to focus on cherishing these valuable moments. Here, we will walk you through the different ways by which you can ensure your well-being and health during this stage. We will lay focus on the various changes happening to you as well.

What Happens During the Twenty-Seventh Week of Pregnancy?

Several changes continue to happen in you and your little one. They range from hormonal to bodily changes, which would require your attention. Besides, your precious one will also be undergoing drastic transformations. Here, you can explore more about the changes happening in the 27th week of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes and Pregnancy Symptoms

During this time of pregnancy, hormonal changes and pregnancy symptoms become prominent. Since your belly is stretching, it can pave the way for the dryness and itchiness of your skin. Besides, you might face other issues like Restless Legs Syndrome. It occurs because you feel that your legs are tingling, and you wish to move them. In most cases, it takes place when you try to sleep. Different reasons cause this condition, including anemia and iron deficiency. Sometimes, sensitivity to certain food items can also pave the way for Restless Legs Syndrome.

Other pregnancy symptoms include swelling of nasal passages, which can result in a stuffy nose. Besides, you might even notice that your gums have become weak, resulting in bleeding. It occurs due to the hormonal changes happening in you during this time of pregnancy. It can also lead to inflammation, but these conditions will fade away after you give birth to your little one. However, if you find it challenging, you can speak with your doctor for expert advice.

Besides, you might also be having concerns like bloating and constipation. One of the reasons behind this issue is your baby's growth and development, which takes up space. Another factor that can cause these digestion issues is the rise in the hormone known as progesterone. These are the changes that can happen to you as part of your hormone and pregnancy symptoms during the 27th week of pregnancy.

Bodily Changes

When you are in the 27th week, your uterus will be around 27 cm, and it will be continuing to change. However, it will depend upon the number of children you are carrying as well. Other than that, there will be an increase in your body weight, which happens to support your little one. Since your belly will be getting bigger, you have to pay attention to your skincare. It is because this change can result in stretch marks, which is also pretty normal. However, you can reduce its visibility if you keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Other than that, during this time, your belly button will be out and visible. You can notice it when you wear light clothes.

Besides, you have to take sufficient rest while you move through this week of pregnancy. Here, there can be chances of fatigue and an increase in your blood pressure. Some women might even lose their consciousness and fall due to this concern. Even though it is normal, you have to be careful as it can be risky. If you think you must speak with your doctor, there is nothing wrong with seeking medical advice. These are the main bodily changes that can happen to you while in the 27th week of pregnancy.

Fetal Development

Your little one is undergoing steady growth during this time of pregnancy. Here, your baby will be 37 cm and weighs around 0.91 kg, which is way more than the last weeks. Other than that, your baby will be swallowing the amniotic fluid daily. It helps enhance the function of your little one's kidney. However, the amniotic fluid gets turned into the urine, and your baby will pass it out during this time. This process will be taking place every other hour in your baby during the 27th week of pregnancy.

When it comes to listening to voices, your little one can hear muffled sounds. It might take some time for your baby to hear things.

Other than that, if your loved ones would like to hear the sounds made by your baby, they can press their years to your belly. It could be a moment that you can remember with your partner and your loved ones.

Internally, several changes would be happening, and one amongst them is the development of the lungs. Due to this, your little one will be producing hiccups as well. Because of your baby's movements in the belly, your little one will develop muscle tone during this time of pregnancy.

In the 27th week, you won't have to take an ultrasound. However, you might need to get one if your doctor recommends it due to some issues. Some of the conditions you have to keep an eye on are a decrease in your baby's movements, an increase in swelling, and your baby's hiccups. It is when your doctor will conduct a thorough checkup to ensure that your little one is safe and sound.

Things to Take Care While You are Twenty Seven Weeks Pregnant

When you are in the 27th week of pregnancy, you have to ensure that you take proper care of your well-being. It is essential for your little one during this stage. Here, you can find tips that can help you take care of yourself during this time of pregnancy.

Focus on Your Diet

While you are in the 27th week of pregnancy, you have to ensure that you have your meals on time. Besides that, you have to avoid any chances of skipping meals. It is because they can harm your health. Here, you have to focus on having healthy food items in your diet. Some of the best options will be including fresh fruits, vegetables and opting for homemade meals. Even then, you have to reduce having spicy food items in your diet. When you do so, you can reduce the chances of having heartburns and indigestion.

During this time, you have to ensure that you eat light. Besides, you have to focus on having smaller meals. Other than that, you have to choose meat and other similar products that are cooked properly. When it comes to fish, it is best to have those that have low mercury content. Here, you can opt for salmon, which is an excellent fish for enhancing your health.

Other than that, you have to stay hydrated to ensure that you don't have any problems due to dehydration. Hence, it will be beneficial to drink eight to ten-ounce glasses of water regularly.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

Exercising can help you a lot while you are pregnant. Here, you have to ensure that you take part in pregnancy-friendly exercises. For that purpose, speaking with your doctor or seeking assistance from a trainer can be helpful. You have to keep track of your heartbeat while you engage in exercises. Some of the workouts that you can include in your routine are walking, swimming, and joining classes can also be beneficial. Here, you can focus on prenatal yoga and pilates as well. While taking part in any exercises, you should ensure that you opt for ones with a lower impact.

Enhance Your Mental Well-being

Similar to your physical health, you have to ensure that you take good care of your mental well-being. For that purpose, you can take part in meditation and other relaxation techniques. You might be feeling nervous and anxious about your delivery as the dates are approaching. However, under these circumstances, speaking with your partner or your loved ones can be helpful for you. Here, you can also seek assistance from your medical practitioner, who might recommend you to a therapist. You might be finding it challenging to get up from your bed or sofa. Due to this, you might be feeling exhausted and pressured. Thus, you have to find techniques that will help you in managing stress.

Other Tips

One of the essential things to do during this time is to seek assistance from your doctor. You can speak about the issues you might be having, which includes gaining treatment for hemorrhoids. You can also ask about leg cramps and other pains if you find them complicated. Other than that, you can also look into the following:

  • It will be beneficial for you to start reading about newborn babies and make plans as well.
  • You can try to pick up journaling as a hobby and write down your feelings.
  • You can also create a food journal. Here, you can keep track of the food items you have.
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