10 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
As days pass by, your little one is becoming bigger and stronger. It's time for you to prepare yourself for welcoming your little champ. Yes, there are seven more months left. But, you have to emotionally and mentally work on embracing your baby.
During the tenth week of pregnancy, you have almost reached the end of the first trimester. You would soon enter the second trimester, and your baby would be growing as well as developing most of its crucial organs.
In this time, you have to focus on staying comfortable, and one of the best ways to do this would be switching to maternity clothes. Through this, you won't feel the discomforts that you might have while wearing regular clothes.
Besides that, your pregnancy symptoms would be present. However, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce these concerns. Here, we will look into the different things happening to you and your baby during the tenth week. We will also consider some important tips that can help you during pregnancy.

What Happens During the Tenth Week of Pregnancy?

During this week, you would still be having pregnancy symptoms associated with the first trimester. For some of you, they might have receded. But, for some others, they might still have an impact on your well-being. In general, there are different changes happening along with the pregnancy symptoms.

Here are the three main changes that can happen during the tenth week of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes

Due to the hormonal changes happening in you, you might feel fatigued. However, they would start decreasing within a month. It happens because your body utilizes most of the energy for creating your baby's placenta. Hence, by exercising and taking proper rest, you can reduce the chances of feeling tired.

Since there is an increase in progesterone, your breasts would become tender. It occurs because of the creation of the milk glands that would produce milk after your little one's birth.

Even though you might still face morning sickness, it would decrease in the coming months, especially during the second trimester. However, the increase in HCG, estrogen, and progesterone, would have an impact on your well-being. They can pave the way for bloating, gastric issues, heartburn, and indigestion. You might have had these issues during the past weeks too.

Other than these concerns, you would notice that there is an increase in your vaginal discharge. It is a way through which your body protects your vagina from bacterial infection.

The hormonal changes and eating specific food items like chocolates or dairy products can lead to sinus congestion. It would result in occasional headaches and might increase your blood pressure. Since your body is working on two lives, your body has to increase the production of blood. Numerous changes are happening, including the development of your uterus and your baby's growth. These factors would cause pressure on your blood vessels and your body, making you feel dizzy.

Since there is an increase in blood flow through your body, it would result in vein enlargements. Due to this, the number of visible veins in your body would also increase as they try to work on the rising blood volume. It is because of a higher demand for blood as you and your baby require it to accommodate the changes.

Another concern due to the hormonal changes is ligament pain. These ligaments support your uterus, and as the uterus grows, they have to lengthen as well. When it happens, it could cause pain in the lower abdomen. These are some of the impacts you would have due to the hormonal changes happening in you.

Bodily Changes

During this time of pregnancy, your uterus would grow and have taken the size of an orange. Even then, it might not be visible in the form of a baby bump for all women. If you are carrying twins or if this is not your first pregnancy, your belly would start showing. It is because of the stretching of your uterus. In the tenth week, your uterus is well placed in the pelvic region, which affects its visibility. Apart from this, you might start gaining weight, and concerns due to bloating would also be higher.

Your abdominal region would become rounder, and other changes are happening in you as well. They include an increase in visibility of your veins as blue lines on your skin. You would achieve a radiant glow, and your hair would be thicker. Apart from that, you have to cross-check the changes happening in your breast and abdomen. If you find anything unusual, don't hesitate to speak with your OB-GYN or midwife.

Fetal Development

During the tenth week of pregnancy, your fetus is about 30 mm long and would be growing with every passing day. If you have a scan, you can notice that your baby has grown tremendously. Your baby's face and eyes are taking form beautifully. Other facial features would also be visible, including the nose, mouth, upper lip, nose, nostrils, jawbones, etc.

When we consider the heartbeat rate, it would be 180 bpm, which means it has increased about three times from the previous week. Other than that, the four chambers pump blood through your baby's body based on the requirements. Your baby would start developing its bones, cartilages, teeth, and even nails during the tenth week of pregnancy. These changes are necessary for your little one's overall well-being.

Since your baby has delicate skin, there is a waxy layer called vernix protecting it. Even then, your baby might swallow some amniotic fluids, which happen most times. Besides that, your baby’s stomach would start producing digestive juices as well during the tenth week of pregnancy.

Having an ultrasound during the tenth month would help your doctor date your pregnancy accurately. It is a process that you have to undergo before you move forward to your second trimester. Even though you might have kept track of your menstrual cycle, the results from the ultrasound would be more accurate.

Tips to Take Care of Yourself During the Tenth Week

From wearing comfortable clothes to eating healthy and wholesome meals, there are some ways by which you can take care of yourself. Let's have a look at how you can enhance your well-being during the tenth week of pregnancy.

Having a Healthy Diet

Throughout the 42 weeks of your pregnancy, you have to ensure that you have a healthy diet. You have to continue having your prenatal vitamins and folic acid to ensure that you stay healthy. When it comes to folic acid, it is best to have 400 mg of folic acid regularly.

Other than that, try to include Vitamin D supplements as well in your diet. However, you can speak with your OB-GYN about the intake, as it could vary based on your health condition. Increasing the intake of calcium in your diet is also essential. For that purpose, you can have pasteurized dairy products, lentils, seeds, leafy vegetables, almonds, etc.

Since cravings are pretty common these days, it is best to opt for healthy alternatives, if possible. In a nutshell, it is best to have a balanced diet. Here, you have to include fruits like mangoes as they contain potassium, Vitamin A, and C. You need to have proteins, minerals, fatty acids such as Omega three in your diet.

Besides that, you have to drink plenty of fluids and water to reduce the chances of facing dehydration. In general, it is best to include fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products in your diet. Through this, you can enhance your health during your pregnancy.

Exercising from Time to Time

You might be exercising for the past few weeks or would be planning to start it. You could work out for 150 minutes per week. However, ensure that your health condition permits you to take part in different forms of physical activities. Hence, it would be beneficial to speak with your medical practitioner before starting your workouts. Some of the exercises you can try are walking and swimming. You can also include yoga, but ensure that the poses you incorporate are safe. Squats are other exercises that can help you with your labor. You can always join a class and focus on your physical wellness.

Along with your physical health, you have to improve your mental and psychological health as well. For that purpose, you can include relaxation techniques and spend quality time with your loved ones. You can also speak with your doctor to gain more clarity.

Speak with Your Medical Practitioner

During the tenth week of pregnancy, consulting your doctor is mandatory. Your doctor would conduct some examinations and tests to improve your well-being. Along with that, you have to mention to your doctor any concerns you have. Your OB-GYN or midwife would help you through the situation. Your doctor would recommend you to take things slow and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. Other than that, you have to speak to your doctor about any complications or confusion you might have.

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