38 Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
When you are 38 weeks pregnant, you have reached halfway through your eighth month. During this time, your little one will be stronger than in the previous weeks. You might be showing a variety of pregnancy-related symptoms and might even find it challenging to navigate through this time. Sometimes you might experience diarrhea, insomnia, and other issues as well. However, you have to remember that there aren't a lot of days left for you to meet your little one. Hence, having a better understanding of the changes happening during this time of pregnancy can be beneficial for you. Along with that, we will look at some tips that can assist you in enhancing your holistic well-being and help nurture your little one. Thus, without wasting any more time, let's have a detailed overview of the different things happening during the 38th week of pregnancy.

What Happens During the Thirty-Eighth Week of Pregnancy?

When you are 38 weeks pregnant, several changes happen to you, your body, and your baby. As you are in the third trimester, the pregnancy symptoms and hormonal changes will also continue to impact your mind and body tremendously. Now, let's have a look at the different things happening to you and your baby while you are 38 weeks pregnant.

Hormonal Changes and Pregnancy Symptoms

During this time of pregnancy, you might encounter symptoms like insomnia and lack of sleep. It is because of the discomfort faced while lying down on your back on your bed. Other than that, you might feel tired during the daytime because you are carrying your little one. Therefore, you have to take the necessary precautions and care to ensure that you won't have any issues. Another concern that can impact you is the increase in mucus discharge. It might even pass your mucus plug and can result in discomfort because of the presence of yellow or brown mucus that corks your cervix.

When you are pregnant, you might notice a loosening of your bowel movements, which results in diarrhea. It is a way through which your body prepares space for your little one to step into the world. If you notice an increase in diarrhea and similar concerns during this time, you have to stay prepared. It is because there is a high chance of you having your labor in the coming week. Another factor to notice as a pregnancy symptom while you are 38 weeks pregnant is the increase in the frequency of Braxton Hicks Contraction. You might have to keep track of them while pregnant, as they can become intense with every passing week. Besides, you might notice an increase in the leaking of colostrum from your breasts, as they get bigger with every passing week. These are some main changes happening to you while you are 38 weeks pregnant

Bodily Changes

Similar to the previous weeks, your body also undergoes various changes. They include an increase in pressure in your lower abdomen region. It is because of your little one's moment inside your belly. Here, your baby will turn around and face downwards as a way to prepare itself for delivery. Other than that, you will be feeling uncomfortable in your body, especially when you walk, sleep, stand up, or do something. However, it is perfectly alright to feel such concerns during this stage. Here, you have to focus on taking care of yourself and not force yourself to do things that you can postpone. Most of the time, you face these complications because your baby will weigh heavier during this time of pregnancy. Even though there won't be any new symptoms or concerns, the old one would continue. They would have an impact on your well-being, but with proper care, you can move past them with ease. Since you might notice a lot of inconveniences, you have to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Other than that, you have to check blood pressure and ensure that they are stable. Besides, there would be an increase in your frequency of urination similar to the previous weeks. Here, you have to make sure there is nothing else present in your urine. When you keep a check on these factors, the chances of facing concerns like preeclampsia are low. These are the main bodily changes happening while you are 38 weeks pregnant.

Fetal Development

While you are 38 weeks pregnant, your little one would weigh around 3.2 kg and 48 to 51 cm long. As the date for delivery is approaching, your little one will lose the waxy coating on their skin. This cover on the skin is known as vermix, which has been protecting your little one's skin from the amniotic fluid. Other than that, your baby will also start shedding lanugo to the amniotic fluid along with vermix. These materials will move out of your baby's body along with other waste materials. Internally, your little one's lungs would have become mature and ready to function properly after entering into the world. Here, your baby will be preparing to step into the outside world. As part of this, there will be a lot of transitions taking place in your little one. You don't have to be worried as everything will be beautiful when you meet your precious little one. One of the ways of preparing to step into the world will be through the deterioration of the placenta. It will take place slowly while you are 38 weeks pregnant. When it comes to your little one's eye color, it will change based on the light your baby gets exposed to while in your belly. It might be blue, gray, or brown based on the light creating an impact on your child's vision. Other than that, your little one's vocal cord would have become stronger than before. During this time, you can have an ultrasound scan if you find it pertinent.

Things to Take Care During the 38th Week of Pregnancy

While you are 38 weeks pregnant, here are some things that you have to consider. If you are following them before as well, ensure that you continue them this week and the upcoming four weeks too.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Similar to the previous weeks, you have to focus on maintaining a healthy diet. As part of that, you have to include vegetables, fruits, whole grain food items, and other healthy items in your routine. Here, your focus has to be creating a balanced diet that provides you with all the essential nutrients. For that purpose, you can seek advice from your doctor or dietician. Ensure that you reduce having processed food items and drinks in your diet. Some of the food items you can include in your routine include bananas, apricots, lean meat, fish, oats, nuts, beans, low-fat dairy products, etc. When it comes to fish items, you have to be careful. Here, you have to avoid having fish that contains high mercury content. Apart from that, you have to drink plenty of fluids in your diet, especially in the form of water. Here, you can include other forms of fluids like smoothies, fresh fruit juices, soups, etc. Even then, ensure that there aren't any additives or preservatives in your drink.

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

One of the priorities that you have to set while you are 38 weeks pregnant is taking care of your physical health. Even though it is essential, ensure that you are not stressing or burning yourself out. Here, try to include gentle exercises such as walking, jogging, yoga, squats in your routine. They can be beneficial for you when you give birth to your little one. It is because it can help you with your delivery. You have to avoid some forms of exercises such as jumping, skipping, hopping, bouncing, etc.

Along with your physical health, you have to pay special attention to your mental health. Similar to the previous weeks, try to include mindful practices, such as meditation and journaling.

Speak with Your Doctor

During this time, you can speak with your doctor and find out details regarding your labor. It will be highly beneficial if you feel stressed and confused about the process. Other than that, your doctor would ask you to check your blood pressure and also your urine. It helps find out if there are any symptoms associated with preeclampsia.

Other Tips

Here are a few other tips that can help you while you are 38 weeks pregnant.

  • You have to ensure that you have packed everything required for the delivery.
  • You can create a list of people to find the right people to call and connect.
  • You have to read and gain a better understanding of delivery and labor while you are 38 weeks pregnant.
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