12 Helpful Tips For Boosting Ovulation

12 Helpful Tips For Boosting Ovulation

By BreeAnn
Ovulation is a process that helps to keep your precious organs running smoothly. Whether you are looking to manage your periods or you just want to have higher fertility levels, improving ovulation is key. In fact, this is one of the best forms of pregnancy help that you can get if you are looking to conceive. In order to boost ovulation, you want to ensure that your body is fully supported in every way. In this article, we will discuss just how easy it is to make sure that your body is in balance and ready to handle the future.

Exercise Regularly

As much as some of us wish that exercise was optional, it just isn’t. Regular exercise is one of the best things that you can do for your body. With a healthy body comes higher fertility rates. If you’re looking for a little pregnancy help, the first thing to consider is treating your body better. Living an active lifestyle is linked to a wide range of bodily benefits, including increased fertility. You don’t have to join CrossFit, but you should absolutely be moving more if you want to get pregnant.

Hydrate Your Body

Water is the single most important part of the human body. We are composed mostly of water, and we need water to run every process in our bodies. It is simply not an option. Any time that you experience a health concern, hydrating more should be your first thought. If you want to boost your chances of a favorable health-related outcome, make sure that you are giving your body what it needs to thrive.

Find Your Peace

Science has proven that stress can have catastrophic impacts on ovulation. If you are looking to conceive any time soon, you absolutely must focus on lowering your stress levels and boosting your mental health. High-stress levels can dramatically lower fertility and have even been linked to problems with how our babies develop and grow. Tell your body that it is okay for you to bring a beautiful little angel into the world and reassure it that everything is perfectly safe. You can try meditation, yoga practices, or even something artsy like crafting. Say goodbye to the stress!

Balance Your Weight

Studies show that a woman’s ability to conceive is largely dependent upon body weight. Your body wants to know that it is ready to take on nourishing a baby, and that means being healthy. Some women struggle with ovulation because they are underweight. If that sounds like you, it might be time to pack on some extra calories (from healthy sources). On the other hand, if you are currently overweight, losing some of the excess weight can have wonderful effects on boosting your fertility, so consider switching to a healthier diet or adding more cardio to your day.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

A lot of us love a good cocktail, but if you’re looking to increase ovulation, you should skip your evening drinks. Alcohol is, in a basic sense, a toxin. Even though there are plenty of articles suggesting alcohol can help heart health and things of that nature, the reality is that most of our favorite mixed drinks are actually harming our bodies. If you are really looking to make sure everything is going right in your body, it is simply best to skip the drinks. It is proven that not drinking boosts fertility across the board.

Avoid Recreational Drug Use

Even though substances like marijuana are being legalized around the world, they still aren’t ideal for women who want to get pregnant. Though there is plenty of research to be done regarding marijuana’s effects on the body, the fact remains that it has been shown to impact fertility. It might be fine for the average adult user, but it is best to skip out on any potential toxins when you are trying to get pregnant. Smoking while pregnant is also problematic for the fetus, so it might be better to stop using it now rather than later.

Cut Down On Carbs

Carbs have long-since been known to increase fertility rates. There are several reasons why this is likely to occur. For one, carbs have often been related to increased weight gain. A higher body weight can lower fertility rates alone. In addition to this, skipping out on carbs can help you to dramatically lower insulin levels and is proven to help regulate the female body functions, including menstruation and other relevant processes. As a whole, low carb diets seem to help with fertility quite a lot.

Consider Plant-Based Meal Planning

The number of scientists coming out with evidence to suggest that plant-based diets can dramatically improve all elements of your health is nothing short of overwhelming. More recently through their efforts, it has become apparent that plant-based eating can actually help to boost fertility in both men and women. Plants might be just the kind of pregnancy help that you need. If you are looking to increase your chances, plant-based proteins can often work effectively as a substitute for traditional meats.

Go On Long Walks

Walking is basically the ideal form of cardio for human beings. It is low-stress, low-impact, and full of calorie-burning fun. You can gain so much from a good walk, including healthier body weight, increased blood flow, and increased fertility levels. Our bodies appreciate a nice walk. Not only is it a good way for you to spend more time being active, but it also works wonders when it comes to increasing our mental health levels. Even a fifteen-minute walk a day can easily reduce your stress levels and make it easier than ever for you to feel good about yourself. There is something truly wonderful about living a life where you spend more time outside, getting fresh air and sunlight. You won’t believe how much it helps.

Eat A Reasonable Amount of Fiber

Fiber has gotten some mixed reviews over the years in regards to fertility. Previously, high-fiber diets were believed to be an effective way to balance ovulation. This was because of their unique ability to help carry out unnecessary excess in regards to bodily nutrients. However, new studies are showing that high-fiber diets are actually linked to lowered fertility rates instead. For this reason, it is generally considered best to eat a reasonable amount of fiber. Some women can actually get away with eating less fiber than the traditionally recommended daily amount to boost fertility further.

Take Fertility Boosting Multivitamins

In the modern age, we love vitamins. They make vitamins for everything now, including fertility. Fertility vitamins are all focused on keeping your body running at optimum health. The general idea is that if you are getting all of the key nutrients that your body needs, and additional support for keeping your hormones nice and balanced, you can reap the benefits of boosted fertility. These multivitamins come in many different forms. They are also available in vegan options to those women who would like to stay away from animal-based proteins.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Fertility vitamins can work wonders, but they are not a substitute for eating a well-balanced diet. In order to enjoy a well-balanced diet, you should focus on eating reasonable amounts from identifiable healthy ingredients. Make sure that you are getting your much-needed protein, veggies, and grains on a daily basis. These foods offer you a balanced nutrition set that you will need to create the perfect home for a growing baby. Don’t miss out on your chance to help your body get more prepared for fast food.


When you are looking for a little extra pregnancy help, treating your body right can go a long way. Our bodies need optimal conditions to bring a child into the world. It is the best chance that you have of working through your pregnancy effectively and will help you to have a healthy and strong baby too. Make sure that you take active steps to boost your ovulation when you know that you are ready to have a child. Keep the focus on health and improving yourself, and you will be happy when you get that magical plus symbol!

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