13 Weeks Pregnant

13 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
Yes, you have reached the thirteenth week of pregnancy, and the second trimester has started. During this time, your baby is undergoing a lot of transformations, including the marking of the fingerprints. Other than that, your little one would be trying to suck its fingers, which is yet another noticeable change.
Unlike the previous weeks, there would be a decrease in your morning sickness and tiredness. As you reach this milestone, your baby has moved past the chances of miscarriage. It is yet another good news for you during the thirteenth week of pregnancy.
Now, let's have a look at the changes that can happen to you and your little one during the thirteenth week of pregnancy. We will also focus on the tips that can be beneficial for your thirteenth week.

What Happens During the Thirteenth Week of Pregnancy?

Different changes can happen during the thirteenth week of pregnancy. Even though your pregnancy symptoms might have decreased, there would be various bodily changes happening to you and your baby. Here are some of the factors you have to keep an eye on while you are pregnant.

Hormonal Changes

As you step into the second trimester, there would be a decrease in tiredness. However, you might feel dizzy during this time. It is because of the increase in the progesterone level, which enhances the blood flow to your little one. Due to this change, there is a decrease in your blood pressure, and it would have an impact on the blood flow to your brain.

There would be a rise in vaginal discharge as well. It is due to the increased flow of blood to the pelvic region. Another possible reason for the same is the rise in the production of estrogen in your body. Other than these changes, you might continue to have heartburn, indigestion, and constipation-related issues.

Heartburn and indigestion occur because of the relaxation of the stomach muscles, which would increase the flow of digestive acids to your esophagus. Because of this, you would feel a burning sensation in your heart. However, you can take care of this condition by focusing on your lifestyle, especially your dietary habits.

Constipation also occurs due to the changes happening in your hormones. Here, the bowel muscles would relax, which would hinder the removal of waste materials from your body. Besides these changes, you might also feel swollen and bleeding from your gums. Headaches and nose bleeding are other conditions that can accompany these hormonal changes. Along with them, your veins would also become visible as there is an increase in the blood supply to your little one.

Bodily Changes

Your womb would be growing, which would pave the way for a small baby bump. It would continue to develop in the coming weeks. Since there is a decrease in the pregnancy symptoms, your urge for frequent urination would decrease. It is because of the shift that happens in the positioning of your womb. Previously, as we discussed, it paved the way for an increased sense of urination. Due to this, you might no longer feel any pain while urinating. However, sometimes, you might be having a slight pain, and if you find it uncomfortable, you can speak with your doctor. If it continues with the same intensity, it could be due to a urinary infection. Hence, it is best to seek advice and treatment from your doctor.

The hormonal changes in you would lead to an increase in libido. Hence, it would pave the way for a rise in your sexual appetite. During this time of pregnancy, your stomach muscles would become tighter than before. Similar to the previous weeks, the colostrum production would continue. Some women might notice a leakage as well while you are in the thirteenth week of pregnancy. You have to take care of your oral health during this time as there is a chance of your teeth getting covered with sticky plague. It is a factor that can cause gum disease. Hence, you have to visit your doctor and take the required measures.

Fetal Developments

While you are in the thirteenth week of pregnancy, your little one would be three inches long. At this time, your baby would weigh around 25 grams. Your baby would be undergoing tremendous changes during this week. Here, your child's intestine- both large and small- would move towards its permanent position, which is in the belly. It was previously present in a storage space located in the umbilical cord.

Your little one's genitals would start taking the form of their gender characteristics. Here, the ovaries and testes would also develop. Your baby's finger and toenails would form. The angles and wrists of your little one would also be growing along with these changes.

During this time, your baby would start placing the fingers inside its mouth. Other than these changes, your little one's bodily hair will also appear. Your baby's bones would get hard, and the chest muscles would also develop.

Although your little one is not in a position to start breathing, it would show movements that resemble the process. When it comes to vocal cords, they are also undergoing the developmental process during this time of pregnancy.

When it comes to ultrasound, you might have probably got yours. If not, it is time for you to get the ultrasounds done. Along with this, you must also undergo other screening tests that would help the doctors identify if your baby has any other illnesses or syndromes.

Tips for You While You are on the Thirteenth Week

While you are thirteen weeks pregnant, you have to take care of your well-being. For that purpose, you have to ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips that can help you while you are pregnant.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

During the thirteenth week of pregnancy, you have to move forward with your healthy lifestyle. Here, you have to ensure that you obtain calcium from the food items you consume. Calcium is essential for helping your baby build strong bones as well as teeth. Through this, you can enhance the bone density of your baby, which will reduce the chances of having osteoporosis in the future. During pregnancy, calcium intake can prevent the risks associated with having preeclampsia.

Other than calcium, you have to enhance the intake of iron-rich food items in your diet. Some of the food products you can include are soy products, dried fruits, potatoes, and meat, such as duck and beef. Along with these food items, you have to ensure that you have other products that can provide you with vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients.

You can also include the intake of vitamin D supplements. However, speaking with your doctor before you start having them can be highly beneficial. Your medical practitioner can recommend the correct dosage that you would require based on your overall health condition.

Other than that, you have to ensure you have eight to twelve cups of water daily. It would be approximately equal to eight-ounce glasses of water.

Having water would reduce the chances of having dehydration. It can also assist in the digestion and removal of waste from your body. Through this, you can also help in the circulation of nutrients in your body, which is essential for you and your baby's well-being.

Focusing on Your Physical Health

Similar to the last few weeks, you have to continue exercising. However, it is best to opt for those workout routines with a low impact. You can include walking, swimming, yoga, and some aerobic exercises. Practicing kegel exercises can also be beneficial for you while giving birth to your little one.

You can start with warm-ups and work out for 30 minutes per day. It is ideal to do this three to five times a day. However, if you feel uncomfortable during any of these days, there is nothing wrong with skipping. But, you have to come back to your routine and continue working out. Joining a class can also help you stay on track. Another way to continue exercising would be doing it with your partner, family members, or friends.

Enhancing Your Mental Health

You have to work on your mental health while you are pregnant. Since you have several emotions and feelings, feel free to talk about them to your loved ones. You can always seek assistance from a medical practitioner or start therapy. You can also include calming exercises into your routine, which includes meditation. Other than that, try to have healthy eating habits and lifestyles. They can have a direct impact on your mental well-being. You can always attend an antenatal class, which will help you stay prepared for your delivery.

Other Tips

Here are a few other tips that can help you during the thirteenth week of pregnancy.

  • You have to be careful about contracting urinary tract infections during this time of pregnancy. If you feel any discomfort, don't hesitate to speak with your doctor.
  • Since there is an increase in the production of colostrum, you can purchase breast pads to use when required.
  • You can have warm beverages such as ginger tea and avoid having caffeine as much as you can.
  • Speak with your medical practitioner and keep them posted.
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