25 Weeks Pregnant

25 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
As of now, you have approached the end of the second trimester, and your baby is growing steadily. During this time, you will notice several changes happening to your little one. Along with your baby, you might also develop certain health conditions and difficulties. They include heartburn, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS. Due to these changes, you might feel uncomfortable, but you have to remember that they are normal. Since your little one is growing and moving regularly, it can be challenging for you. Remember, you can meet your bundle of joy and spend a lot of quality time together in a few weeks. Here, in this article, we will look into the changes happening to you during the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy. We will also focus on what you can do to take care of yourself during this week of pregnancy.

What Happens During the Twenty-Fifth Week of Pregnancy?

Similar to the previous weeks, changes continue to happen to you and your little one. Having an awareness of these things will help you take better care of yourself during this stage of pregnancy. Here, we will take a deeper dive into the different changes happening to you and your little one while you are in the 25th week of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes and Pregnancy Symptoms

During this time of pregnancy, indigestion, and heartburn happen because of your baby's growth. Here, your little one will be taking space in your stomach, which will lead to the loosening of your muscles. It happens due to the role played by the hormones as well. Another body part that gets affected by hormones is your vision. Even though it is something that seems random, many women confront this issue during their pregnancy.

As discussed above, RLS could affect you drastically and make you feel like moving your leg constantly. It is the tingling sensation you feel in your leg that makes you shift your leg.

Another issue that is predominant in pregnant women is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It leads to hormonal fluctuations and makes your nerves hypersensitive. Besides, it will also pave the way for edema in some of you. Due to this condition, there is a chance of feeling numbness, tingling in your hands, and similar concerns. However, in most cases, the symptoms will be mild. But, if you find it challenging, you can always speak with your medical practitioner and seek professional advice.

Similar to the previous weeks, some of you might notice that the pressure from your belly on the pelvic veins will lead to hemorrhoids. It is a condition that affects several women during their pregnancy.

Bodily Changes

In the 25th week of pregnancy, you will notice an increase in your weight more than in the previous weeks. You would have acquired around 15 to 18 lbs. However, it will depend on the number of babies you have, and your lifestyle also has a role in it. Besides, there will be an increase in the water weight your body acquires around this time of pregnancy.

Here, your uterus will also rise above the navel and can reach up to 25 cm. Unlike the previous weeks, your baby won't be having enough space to move around. Due to this, your little one's movements will get slower and softer. The reason behind this is the growth happening to your little one.

Your different body parts might start getting swollen, which includes your face, hands, and feet. These changes might not be harmful in most cases as they occur due to the water retention happening in you. If you think that it's challenging, there is nothing wrong with speaking to your doctor. Your doctor will ask you to get your blood pressure checked. It is to ensure that you are not slipping into dangerous conditions. It is known as preeclampsia. These are the major bodily changes that can happen to you during this time of pregnancy.

Fetal Development

In the 25th week of pregnancy, your baby will be 33 cm long and weigh around 0.68 kg. Since the next few weeks are the most active time during pregnancy, your little one will be making a lot of movements. Even though they won't have enough space to move around, the slight shifts happening can make your little one's presence evident.

Besides, during this stage of pregnancy, your baby's skin will look pinkish, which depicts the maturing of your baby's fetal vascular system. Other than that, pigmentation also starts to take place. Previously, your little one's eyebrows and hair were white. It starts to change during this time of pregnancy.

Internally, developments are happening to your little one's air sacs in your baby's lungs. There is the formation of a substance called surfactant that assists in the expansion of your baby's lungs. It takes place when your little one is born.

Regarding ultrasound scans, there won't be any scheduled as of now. However, your doctor will keep you under close monitoring to ensure that your baby is not having any issues. These are the main changes and developments happening to your little one during the 25th week of pregnancy.

Things to Take Care of During the Twenty-Fifth Week of Pregnancy

Similar to the last few weeks, you have to focus on your health. When we refer to health, it is not just about your physical well-being. You have to focus on your mental health as well while you are pregnant. Here, we will look into different things you have to take care of during the 25th week of pregnancy.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

The food you eat while you are pregnant plays a pivotal role in enhancing your baby's well-being. Here, you have to focus on the food items you eat, and it is best to opt for healthy alternatives. You need to have those food items that come with high fiber content and include plenty of vegetables. When you tend to have vegetables like broccoli, carrot, and others, there is a high chance that your little one will like them after birth. Besides, you need to have fresh fruits in your diet and include nuts as well as seeds. Here, you have to focus on having low mercury fish as well because they can be helpful for you during your pregnancy. However, it is best to avoid fish items that have a higher mercury count in them. Besides, you need to include lean fat in your diet as it will help you stay fit.

Other than the food items you have, you have to stay hydrated. For that purpose, you have to drink eight to ten glasses of water regularly. Here, you can also include fruit juices, smoothies, and soups in your diet. However, even then, you have to ensure that you avoid having those items that have added preservatives or other additives in them.

Focusing on Your Physical Health

During this time, you have to ensure that you are taking good care of your physical health. For that purpose, you have to exercise regularly, but make sure that they don't have any issues with your well-being. Hence, taking opinions from your medical practitioner or joining a class can be helpful. Through this, you can be on the safe side when you take part in exercises. Here, it is best to avoid contact sports, weight lifting, or exercises that involve any form of weight.

Other than that, it is also better to stay away from exercises where you have to lay back. However, you can include walking, swimming, and other simple workouts. Joining prenatal yoga and pilates classes can be highly beneficial for you while you are pregnant.

Taking Care of Your Mental Well-being

Since it can be a stressful time, it is essential to take care of your mental health. Here, you have to manage your stress, and since the dates for your delivery are approaching, you might feel anxious about labor. However, you can include relaxing techniques, exercises, and similar methods to enhance your mental health. It is the best time for you to learn about stress management. In case you feel that you have concerns related to depression, it is best to speak with your doctor. Since many women develop postpartum depression, you have to focus on taking care of your mental well-being. For that purpose, you have to talk to your doctor and ensure that you don't have any concerns.

Other Tips

During this time of pregnancy, you have to ensure that you speak with your doctor in case of any emergencies. While doing so, you have to talk to your doctor about any other symptoms you have. They include contractions, spotting, or bleeding. Your doctor will help you with these concerns and stay healthy.

Other than that, it is a good time for you to think about the type of birth you will prefer to have. You can also start reading more about newborn babies. Besides, it is also essential for you to focus on your dental hygiene. You have to do flossing as well from time to time.

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