16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
When you are in the sixteenth week of your pregnancy, your baby is no longer tiny anymore. Your little one would have started resembling a human baby as you are in the fourth month of pregnancy.
During this time, you would feel much better as your pregnancy symptoms would have decreased. Unlike the previous weeks, you could feel your baby bump and also your little one moving. Here, we have brought together some of the main changes happening during the sixteenth week of pregnancy.
It would help you take care of yourself and gain an understanding of the changes happening in you. Other than that, here are some helpful tips that can assist you during the sixteenth week of pregnancy.

What Happens During the Sixteenth Week of Pregnancy?

Several changes happen in your body and your baby while you are pregnant. It continues to take place as you step into the fourth month of pregnancy as well. They range from breast growth in you to the movement of your little one in your uterus. Here are some of the main changes that take place during this time of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes and Other Symptoms

During the sixth week of pregnancy, your breasts would continue to grow even larger than in the past trimester. It is part of preparing your body for breastfeeding your little one after the delivery. Other than your breasts, your uterus also continues to grow. It would cause pressure on other organs, which could pave the way for constipation and other intestinal concerns.

Due to an increase in the blood flow, your veins would become highly visible. It would lead to the varicose vein, which is a condition that can affect you while you are pregnant. Because of the hormonal changes happening in you, there would be an increase in vaginal discharge. It is a way through which your body tries to prevent infection in your birth canal. However, if you find it uncomfortable, you can always speak with your doctor.

Another concern that affects women is the decrease in the brain cell ratio during pregnancy. It can lead to forgetfulness and cause impediments in concentrating on things you do. These are some of the hormonal changes and symptoms you would have during the sixteenth week of pregnancy.

Bodily Changes

Unlike the previous weeks, your belly would become more visible while you are in the sixteenth week of pregnancy. Besides that, you would also be gaining weight quickly, which might cause anxiety in some of you. However, remember that it is pretty natural and completely healthy. You might feel that you are losing breath while you are engaging in the day-to-day chores. It is because your baby is growing, and its growth would have an impact on your internal organs.

Other than that, since your baby's weight is increasing, it might result in a backache. You might also have pain in your legs during this time of pregnancy.

In this time of pregnancy, the ligaments would be keeping the uterus in place and stretching it to enhance its growth. It is pertinent for providing the required space for your little one's development and nourishment. These are the bodily changes that happen during the sixteenth week of pregnancy. However, if you find complications, you can always speak with your doctor and seek advice.

Fetal Developments

Even though your baby looks like a human, it would be thin and fragile during this stage of pregnancy. There would be a translucent layer that covers your little one's blood vessels and bones. It is a way to protect your baby from any form of complications. When it comes to your baby's weight, it would be approximately the weight of three ounces of water. Your baby would be around four to five inches long from crown to bottom during the sixteenth week of pregnancy.

Here, your little one would gain much more muscle strength and would be able to move its neck and head. Even though it won't be visible to you at this time, your little one will start forming facial expressions this week.

Your baby's eyes would become completely developed as well. Other than the eyes, the eyelashes and eyebrows would also form during this time. However, the eyelids would remain closed.

Apart from these developments, your baby's heart would be pumping blood at around 25 quarts each day. At this time, your little one's ear would be able to hear sound. Hence, it might be helpful to speak to your little one or play music. When you make these sounds, your baby would respond to them in the form of small movements. It is something that can be a precious moment that you can share with your loved ones.

By this time, you would have already had your first ultrasound, and you can take your four-month prenatal appointment scheduled as well. These are the major changes that occur during the sixteenth week of your pregnancy to your baby.

Tips to Take Care of Yourself During the Sixteenth Week

Having a Healthy Diet

During this time, it is best to have extra calories in your diet. However, it is best to opt for healthy food items and not processed food products. It is because they can have an impact on you and your baby. When it comes to taking extra calories, you can go for 340 calories per day. In them, try to include lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other healthy food items. You can also switch to pasteurized low-fat dairy products in your diet. Besides that, you have to ensure that you have enough fluids such as water, fruit juices, smoothies, etc. When it comes to water, try to drink as much as you can as it would help you reduce the concerns of constipation that you might have. Increasing the intake of food items with fiber will also be helpful for you during the time of pregnancy. It is because it would assist in improving your bowel movements.

Sometimes you might feel like having certain food items due to cravings. It is common among most expecting mothers, which happens due to hormonal changes happening in you. Even though it is not advisable to have those that are unhealthy, you can always opt for healthier treats. It is all about having them in the right moderation, where you focus on having more nutritious food items. Including salads with green vegetables in your diet can be an excellent way to start a healthy eating habit.

Similar to food cravings, you might feel sick at the sight and smell of some food items. It is also a common factor that affects most women during their pregnancy. However, it would be lower than the previous weeks. If you find any difficulties, you don't have to hesitate to speak with your doctor.

Taking Care of Your Physical Health

Exercising is an excellent way to keep a check on your health. However, you might not feel like exercising during this time of pregnancy. It is perfectly alright to take a rest when you feel dizzy and feel shortness of breath.

At the end of the day, you are creating another human being, and you have to listen to your body during this process. While exercising, it is best to avoid those poses that include lying flat on your back. It will cause pressure to the blood vessels if you do such exercises.

In simple terms, you can opt for exercises such as walking, swimming, kegel exercises, prenatal yoga, or pilates. It would be beneficial for you to join a class, which can be either online or offline. It would help you to stay on track and even meet with other to-be moms.

Enhancing Your Mental Well-being

During this stage of pregnancy, you might have a lot of questions in your mind. It could be related to taking care of your little one and how you would handle yourself as a parent. Each person would have different thought processes. However, in a nutshell, it is best to work on your mental peace and calmness. For that purpose, you can start practicing mindfulness and adopt other relaxation techniques.

Spending quality time with your family members is yet another way. You can also speak with your medical practitioner if you think you need assistance. If you had mental health issues before you got pregnant, you have to continue taking your therapy.

Other Tips

Other than these tips, here are a few things that you can start doing during the sixteenth week of pregnancy.

  • Pamper yourself by doing things that you love with yourself and your loved ones.
  • You can add an extra pillow while you sleep and try to sleep on the side of your bed.
  • You can start thinking about baby names that would suit your little one with your loved ones. Reading books related to the same can also be helpful.
  • It is also the time for you to book your prenatal appointment with your doctor.
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