20 Weeks Pregnant

20 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
Yes, you have read it right. You have now reached the twentieth week of pregnancy, and you are halfway through this exciting journey. In a matter of time, your little one would be born as there are only twenty-two more weeks left, to be precise. During this stage of pregnancy, your little one would be undergoing tremendous changes. Here, you would also notice changes happening in you, which is normal. At this time, your baby might start responding to sounds and would be making small movements.
Here, in this article, we will walk you through the different things that can happen during the twentieth week of pregnancy. Besides that, we will also provide you with some handy tips that can smoothen your pregnancy.

What Happens During the Twentieth Week of Pregnancy?

From hormonal changes to fetal development, a lot is happening during this stage of pregnancy. Having an awareness of these changes can help you while you are pregnant. Here are some of the changes taking place during this time of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes and Other Symptoms

During this time of pregnancy, constipation is a concern that most women face. It happens because of the growth of your uterus, and it would be creating pressure on your bowels. Along with the pregnancy hormones that come into play, you might feel discomfort at this time of pregnancy. Here, the mucous membrane would swell, which is a factor that would make you snore. It might be a concern for those of you who never snored before.

Other than that, there is something called the pregnancy brain, which can lead to forgetfulness. Here, there would be a decrease in the volume of your brain cells, which affects your ability to concentrate.

Another issue that continues to affect during pregnancy would be heartburn or indigestion. Similar to the cause of constipation, your little one would cause pressure on your abdominal organs. Due to this, it can pave the way for acid reflex, which happens after you have your meals.

You might also notice an increase in your vaginal discharge. It is a way to remove unwanted bacteria and reduce the chances of infection. These are some of the hormonal changes and symptoms that happen during the twentieth month of pregnancy.

Bodily Changes

When you are in the twentieth week of pregnancy, your baby bump would be visible. However, for the next ten weeks, you might not notice any considerable changes in its size. When you touch your uterus, you will see that it has reached your belly button. If you measure the length of your bump, it would be 20 cm for most women. However, it may vary under specific conditions.

During this time of pregnancy, you might find sleeping a challenge. It is because you might not be able to figure out a position that is comfortable for you. Here, you can try placing a pillow on your back and near your legs to give you support. Because of this, you might be able to tackle this concern. However, you can always speak with your doctor when you find that it is beyond what is manageable for you.

For some of you, during this time of pregnancy, you might wake up suddenly because of sharp pain in your calves. These are some of the bodily changes that happen during the twentieth month of pregnancy.

Fetal Development

When you are in the twentieth week, your baby would weigh around 0.28 kgs, and the overall size would be six inches. For boys, the genitals would become externally visible. However, at this stage of pregnancy, your baby's testes would not have yet descended from the abdomen. It is because it is waiting for the scrotum formation to happen.

For girls, this might not be the case as they might not be as evident as boys. However, the uterus formation would be complete for girls at this time of pregnancy. Other than that, there would be ovaries and eggs forming in your little one. However, the vagina of your baby would be hollowing out at this stage of pregnancy.

Your baby's digestive system would be working hard, and other internal changes would be taking place as well. At this point, if you take an ultrasound, you can see a well-formed baby. Your baby would have gained weight, and you can see your little's facial features if you have a sonogram. With the assistance of a sonogram, you can find out a variety of things that would require special attention. They include the four chambers of your heart, kidneys, lungs, and your doctor would check for cleft lips or palates. For the last two conditions, your doctor would recommend surgery.

Other than that, your baby's genitals are visible, and you can find your little one's sex at this time. Even though it is possible, for some babies, it might remain hidden. Hence, it would be challenging to identify sex under these circumstances. These are some of the main bodily changes happening to your baby during the twentieth month of pregnancy.

Tips to Take Care of Yourself During the Twentieth Week

The twentieth week of pregnancy is as crucial as the previous and upcoming weeks. You have to take care of yourself during this stage of pregnancy, and here are some ways by which you can do that.

Have a Proper Diet

When you have healthy food items regularly, it would be beneficial for you and your little one. Even though you might crave processed or fast food items, it is best to for alternatives if you can. The reason is that when you have non-healthy food items, it could result in health concerns, such as indigestion.

You can also reduce this by opting for smaller meals and try to make them as healthy as possible. Although you have smaller meals, you must have them frequently. When you do that, it will help reduce the chances of having acid reflux. It is also beneficial as you can obtain the required amount of energy and nutrients with no hassle.

In your diet, try to incorporate as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. You can include nuts in your diet as they are rich in Vitamin E. Other components that you have to include in your diet are proteins, calcium, and iron. Here, you have to enhance the intake of minerals such as copper, manganese, zinc, etc.

However, it is best to avoid fatty and salty food products in your diet. Other than that, drink plenty of fluids in your diet. Try to drink at least an eight to ten-ounce glass of water to stay hydrated. You can also include soups, smoothies, fresh juices in your diet.

Maintaining Your Physical Health

When you exercise, try to include workouts that are safe to perform while you are pregnant. Here, you can always speak with your doctor or join a class to find out what works best for you. Stretching exercises can be helpful during this stage of pregnancy. However, you have to ensure that you are not overstretching, which can be a concern. Even though you might not be taking part in intense workouts, you can try simple exercises that would help you during labor. Besides, there are special exercises that you can perform to prepare yourself for the delivery.

Some other workouts that can be beneficial for you while pregnant are walking, swimming, yoga, etc. In simple terms, exercising can be helpful for you during your pregnancy as it is a way to enhance you and your baby's well-being. But, it is best to avoid those exercises that could be dangerous for you. For instance, you have to stay away from those workouts that can result in a chance of falling.

Enhance Your Mental Well-being

It is normal to feel a bit worried and concerned about the process while pregnant. Even then, you have to focus on enhancing your mental peace and happiness. Sometimes you might be thinking about taking care of your little one. It could even be about going for an ultrasound. Remember that it happens with most women during their pregnancy.

Sometimes you might have mood swings, which is yet another component that occurs in this time. However, if you suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder because of your pregnancy, you can speak with your doctor. Your doctor could refer you to a therapist who could help you under such a condition. Speaking with your loved ones and spending time with your family can also be beneficial for you at this time.

Other Tips

Here are a few other tips that can help you during the twentieth week of your pregnancy.

  • It is best to wear comfortable clothes and try to avoid wearing high heels.
  • You can wear a belly band, which can support your bump while you are pregnant.
  • Since there is a chance of excess oil clogging up pores, you can opt for oil-free skincare products to reduce this condition.
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