15 Weeks Pregnant

15 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
Your little one is growing bigger with every passing day, and you are now in your second trimester. You would have already had your first ultrasound scan and would have started to feel your baby.
During the fifteenth week of pregnancy, your body will be undergoing tremendous changes that help your baby's growth and development. Within some days, you would start feeling your baby's kicks, which can be a start of a precious moment.
From the start of the second trimester, you would feel better and would be regaining more energy. Your baby bump would be visible, and you might find it challenging to sleep. In this article, we will walk you through the changes happening during the fifteenth week of pregnancy. We will also provide you with some tips that can help you in taking care of yourself.

What Happens During the Fifteenth Week of Pregnancy?

As discussed in the last weeks, a lot of changes are taking place in you. From a growing baby to a baby bump, you would be undergoing many changes. Let's have a look at the different things that happen during the fifteenth week of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes and Other Symptoms

When we consider hormonal changes, a stuffy nose is an issue that affects most women. It is due to the increase in blood flow, which leads to a rise in hormones. Such a condition occurring in pregnant women is commonly known as pregnancy Rhinitis. Since there is a rise in the blood flow to your nose during the fifteenth week of pregnancy, it would cause issues like nose bleeding in some women. Similarly, hormones can lead to swollen gums, which might result in bleeding in some women.

Even though most of the pregnancy symptoms would have receded, the changes happening in your uterus can be a concern. Since the uterus is getting bigger with every passing day, it would move closer to other organs. Because of this, if you have large portions of food items on one go, it can pave the way for heartburns and indigestion. Hence, it is best to opt for smaller quantities of food and try to have them in different time intervals.

Similar to last week, issues related to varicose veins would continue to affect most women. It is because of the extra pressure caused due to the increase in blood flow. This condition would have a drastic impact on the veins present in your legs.

Bodily Changes

During this week of pregnancy, you would sense a tightening of your stomach. It is a change that can affect your body while pregnant. Other than that, your belly would also be slightly visible because of the changes happening to your uterus. Another reason for this is your little one's growth. However, it would vary from one person to another as it depends on different factors. One of them is the number of pregnancies you have had previously. Another one is the number of kids you are carrying during this pregnancy.

Other than that, there would be an increase in your body weight during this time of pregnancy. It is because your little one requires nutrients as it is a crucial growing stage for your baby. You might be having nose congestions and similar concerns while you are in the second trimester. Your breast size would increase during this time of pregnancy as it was changing previously. Your skin would become clear. But, some women might face itchiness, which would recede with time. Besides, your back and your legs would ache because of an increase in your body weight. It happens when you stand for a long duration. When it comes to your bump, you will notice a line that runs down to your pelvis. It is also a symptom that is perfectly normal to have while you are pregnant. These are some bodily changes that you would have while you are in the fifteenth week of pregnancy.

Fetal Development

During this time of pregnancy, your little one would be ten cm long and weigh around 71 grams. Your child would be changing tremendously in this time. Here, the placenta would be playing the role of your baby's kidney as it controls fluid balance for your little one. The placenta would not only provide the required nourishments. It would help remove waste materials from your child's body, which is essential because your baby's bladder empties every 30 minutes.

Other than that, your baby's genitals would start forming, and it would become evident if your baby is a boy or a girl. For girls, the eggs would develop, and the clitoris would also become recognizable. For boys, the penis would also become noticeable, and the testes formation also takes place.

Your baby's face would start looking more like a baby with its ears and other features. Your little one's eyes would move from one side to another in the fifteenth week of pregnancy. Even though other developments are happening, your baby's skin remains thin. Here, your baby's skeleton formation takes place as well, which is yet another major change.

Since you might have had your ultrasound in the previous weeks, your doctor won't recommend one during the fifteenth week. However, your doctor might ask you to get an amniocentesis between the fifteenth and twentieth week of pregnancy.

Tips to Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Taking care of your health is always important. While you are pregnant, you have to ensure that you are taking care of your health. Here are a few tips that you can consider as part of enhancing yourself during your fifteenth week of pregnancy.

Ensure You Maintain a Healthy Diet

Having a balanced diet can help you stay healthy during your pregnancy. However, having extra 300 calories every day is essential for your baby's growth. It is because your baby is gaining one pound per week, and you would have to make some changes to your diet to stay healthy.

It is best to have a nutritious diet by including vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food items. Besides that, you need to have your fluids right. Ensure that you are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated throughout the day. You can also have soups, smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, etc. However, it is best to avoid the addition of sugar or other artificial flavors.

Besides, try to have your meals on time and try to have small meals at different intervals. It will help you in overcoming any digestive issues that you may have. Other than that, you need to take vitamins, especially vitamin D supplements. You have to ensure that you obtain enough calcium in your diet. It is essential for your baby's growth as well as your well-being.

Take Part in Physical Activities

Exercises can help you in a plethora of ways while you are pregnant. However, ensure that you opt for pregnancy-friendly exercises that would not have an impact on you and your little one. You can speak with your doctor and decide the intensity of workouts you can include in your routine. Another excellent option that you have is joining a class, which will provide you with the required motivation. You can try different forms of exercises, and they include water exercises, prenatal yoga, pilates, etc. You can also go walking and even be part of walking groups. It would assist you in meeting new people and also improve your wellness. Joining a prenatal dance class is yet another benefit that you have while you are pregnant. It can assist you in taking care of your health.

Trying kegel exercises can also be highly beneficial for you while you are fifteen weeks pregnant. It would assist you in preventing urine leaks that might occur before or after your pregnancy.

Enhance Your Mental Health

During this time, you might be concerned about your little one. But, you don't have to remember that everything is going to be fine. It can occur if you have taken your amniocentesis recently. However, it is best not to worry about your little one and focus on doing things that you enjoy. You can include mindful practices like meditation and yoga in your routine. You can also join prenatal classes that will help you connect with other to-be moms. If you find it challenging, you can always speak with your doctor and gain support.

Speak with your Doctor

It is essential to keep your doctor posted about your health. If you have any difficulties, you can speak with your doctor. Your doctor would help you get through these challenges and assist you in enhancing your little one's health.

Other Tips

Here are a few tips that can help during pregnancy.

  • Playing music and reading things out loud can be helpful. It is because your baby would start listening during this time.
  • You can start reading and finding out more about the different types of deliveries.
  • Pampering yourself can also be helpful during this time of pregnancy.
  • Before exercising, snacking on something healthy can be nourishing.
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