14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
During the fourteenth week of pregnancy, you are in the second trimester. It means that you would be feeling far better than before. It is because the second trimester is a much more comfortable phase in pregnancy. Here, you and your baby would be changing.
Even though your baby bump won't be big, it would be slightly visible as it would become round. During this time of pregnancy, you would start finding food items as delicious, and the unpleasant symptoms would fade away. You would feel more energetic in this trimester.
Here, we will delve deeper into the different changes you and your baby undergo in the fourteenth week of pregnancy. We will also consider a few tips that can help you take care of your well-being while pregnant.

What Happens During the Fourteenth Week of Pregnancy?

Hormonal and bodily changes continue to happen during this week of pregnancy as well. Your baby would undergo developments, including the division of the brain into two halves. Here are some of the significant changes that take place during this time of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes

Unlike the previous weeks, you would have gained a renewed form of energy this week. It is because of the decrease in tiredness, which happens as your body has completed building the placenta. Due to the changes happening in your hormone, it would improve your psychological and emotional being. You would notice that there is a decrease in the frequency of mood swings.

Since there is a decrease in morning sickness, you would notice an increase in your appetite. Even though it might sound tempting, try to have healthy food items. It is best to stick to your diet and have snacks from time to time. If you crave processed or junk food items, try to opt for healthy alternatives, if possible. Through this, you can keep your blood sugar and energy stable. Although most symptoms associated with the hormones might have receded, there is an increase in estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones would pave the way for the creation of a stuffy nose. It occurs because of the rise in the blood flow to the mucous membrane and other parts of your body.

Other than that, the varicose vein is another concern that you might have. It is also because of an increase in the blood flow, which makes the blood vessels swollen. It happens as a way of increasing the nourishment that reaches your little one.

Due to the hormonal changes, your breasts would continue to grow and be less tender. In the previous trimester, for some of you, breast pain might be a concern. During this trimester, it would recede, and the areolas would get darker. These are some changes that can happen to you due to the fluctuations taking place in your hormones. In a nutshell, your condition would be far better than the previous trimester as your morning sickness, nausea, mood swings would decrease.

Bodily Changes

During this time of pregnancy, you would be gaining weight. It is because of the increase in blood and lymph. Due to this rise in volume, your veins would become visible, especially in your legs, abdomen, breasts, etc. Besides these developments, your uterus would have expanded and would have filled the pelvis region.

During this week, it would move towards the abdominal cavity. Because of this change, you could feel your baby bump. Other than that, the cervix would become shorter, which would help in preparing you for birth. Remember, it is normal for the cervix to shorten while you are pregnant. You don't have to worry about your baby appearing before the intended time.

Sometimes, you might feel pain in the abdomen region. However, it is because of the different changes happening in you and the upward growth of your uterus. Besides, there is another component in your body, which is the placenta. Even though the placenta carries the required nourishment to your baby, it would never get mixed up with your blood. These are some of the main developments happening within you during the fourteenth week of pregnancy.

Fetal Development

Unlike the previous weeks, your baby's movement would undergo some changes. In the last week, your baby had reflexive movements. However, during this week, it becomes much smoother. At this time of pregnancy, your baby weighs around 5.7 grams. Besides, your baby would acquire an upright position and be about nine to ten centimeters in length. Another significant development happening to your baby is hair growth, which occurs all over the body. It would help your little one remain warm during the weeks of pregnancy.

Brain development is yet another change happening in your little one. Here, it divides into two halves, and they are the right and left hemispheres. Even though you won't know your baby's sex until your second scan, your baby would have formed their sex organs. It becomes clear if your little one is a boy or a girl during this time of pregnancy. However, you won't be aware of it until the next scan, as mentioned.

Your baby's intestines would start producing meconium, which will help in the formation of bowel moments. These are the predominant changes that happen to your little one during the fourteenth week of pregnancy.

Since most of you have had your ultrasound scan, you would know your due date. Here, you would also understand the number of babies you have. It will help you find if there are any issues that you have to take care of during your pregnancy.

Tips to Take Care of Yourself During the Fourteenth Week

While you are pregnant, you have to focus on improving your well-being. It is essential for you and your baby's growth and development. From maintaining a healthy diet and visiting your doctor regularly, there are several things you can do. Here are four main tips that can help you while pregnant, especially for the fourteenth week.

Improving your Diet

Similar to the previous weeks, you must have a healthy diet and ensure that you stay hydrated. Since your veins are undergoing a lot of pressure, it is best to enhance the intake of Vitamin C in your diet. Here, you can opt for food items that can offer you the required nutrition. Other than that, it is also beneficial to incorporate Vitamin D supplements as well. It will be helpful to reduce or avoid the intake of processed food items in your diet.

Here, you have to enhance the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to gain the required nutrients. Besides, having fluids is also a necessity. Hence, try to have fruit juices, smoothies, and soups in your diet. But, it is best to reduce having sugar and try to opt for freshly prepared fruit juices. Even though issues related to indigestion could be lower, you can try to have small meals and have snacks from time to time. It would not just help in overcoming concerns related to digestion. It would also assist you in managing your blood sugar level.

Taking Part in Physical Activities

Even though you might not be taking part in high-intensity workouts, you can always do simple exercises. Here, you can try pelvic floor exercises, which can help you in the long run. You can also include walking and swimming in your workout routines. It is a good time for you to work on your muscles and tone up your body. Hence, try to include exercises that work best for you.

Speaking to your doctor or joining a class can also be helpful for you to understand the type of exercises that can benefit you. When it comes to the duration of the workouts, you can do them for thirty minutes every three to five days a week. You can also divide this thirty minutes single session into three different ones. It would be helpful for those who are new to exercising or working out in general. If some of the exercises result in abdominal pain or other concerns, it is best to avoid taking part in them.

Enhance Your Mental Well-being

During pregnancy, you might have a lot of doubts and questions that trouble your mind. You have to deal with stress, anxiety, and other concerns while you are pregnant. For that purpose, you have to work on your mental health by incorporating mindful practices. Yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques can also be helpful for you. You can spend quality time with yourself and your loved ones. Other than that, try journalling, pampering yourself, reading, and bring in a work-life balance. In case of any complications, you can always reach out to your doctor for assistance.

Other Tips to Consider

Other than these tips, here are some other points that can help you while you are pregnant.

  • Speak with your doctor and keep your doctor posted on your health condition.
  • Take care of your skin and keep track of any changes happening to your skin.
  • Find time to do things that you enjoy by yourself or your partner.
  • Ensure that you take care of your oral hygiene during this week of pregnancy.
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