42 Weeks Pregnant

42 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
As of now, you have officially reached the end of your pregnancy term. Besides, your little one will be getting ready to start living in the world. Here, you have to monitor things in advance to ensure that there aren't any concerns. For some of you, it might last for more than the 42nd week, and we can refer to it as post-term pregnancy. It is something you can find out more about by speaking with your doctor. Here, we will look into the different things you should consider while you are 42 weeks pregnant. We will also focus on the things you have to take care of in your 42nd week of pregnancy.

What Happens During the Forty-Second Week of Pregnancy?

Here, we will look at the different changes happening to you and your little one while you are 42 weeks pregnant.

Hormonal Changes and Pregnancy Symptoms

During this time of pregnancy, you can notice different hormonal changes and pregnancy symptoms. Here, you would have swollen feet and ankles, and they can pave the way for leg cramps. Due to this, you might find it challenging to walk or even stand. However, these symptoms can have an impact on your holistic well-being. Other than that, you can notice swollenness in your vulva region and even have discomfort in your pelvis area. These changes can happen when you are pregnant because of the increase in your little one's body weight.

Here, your baby would weigh around 4.5 kg and will be pushing its way down. It is something that can cause a lot of discomfort in your body. Other than that, your baby will be trying to push its way out during this time. Due to this, your little one will be creating pressure in your rectum and lower bowel region too. It is a factor due to which there can be issues with urination, and there won't be enough room for urine to accumulate as well.

Another issue that can have a drastic impact on you is insomnia. It is common and can even have a prolonged effect during your pregnancy. Because of all these changes, you might feel tense, moody, frustrated, and anxious due to the changes happening and the delay in the delivery. Other than that, there will be an increase in the frequency of diarrhea that can be a concern. Besides, you might also have back pain because of the weight you are carrying. These are the main changes happening to you while you are 42 weeks pregnant.

Bodily Changes

While you are 42 weeks pregnant, you will notice that your body is under stress. Even though it can be challenging, you have to remember in a few days you can meet your little one. During this time, your belly will be feeling larger than in the previous weeks. It is something common that can happen during the 42nd week of pregnancy. However, you can speak with your doctor if you think it's necessary.

Here, you can start trying induction, which is a method that can help in labor. However, it can be performed if your body isn't doing it alone. Even though this method doesn't guarantee labor, it might help with the process. Another option that you have in front of you is opting for C-section or cesarean birth. These are the major bodily changes that take place while you are 42 weeks pregnant. Since it is officially the last week, there aren't any other specific changes happening. However, you might feel stressed out because of the delay in giving birth.

Fetal Development

During this time of pregnancy, your little one will be around 48 to 56 cm, and your baby will weigh 3.2 to 4.1 kg. As your little one is overdue, your doctor might recommend extra care and would conduct monitoring. Here, your doctor will perform tests, including a nonstress test and ultrasound scan. Within a few days, your baby will enter the world, and at this time, your baby will have dry skin. Sometimes, it will have cracks, wrinkles, or something similar. For some kids, it will be completely transparent. Here, your little one might also have long nails and long hair. However, it won't be the same for all the kids. During this time, your little one would not have any lanugo on their skin. Apart from that, there won't be amniotic fluid present in your uterus after the ninth month. Although it's time for your little one to make the entry into the world, your baby will continue to develop. Other than that, your little one will be much more alert when they are born during this time of pregnancy. These are the main changes happening to your baby during the 42nd week of pregnancy.

Things to Take Care During the 42nd Week

When you are 42 weeks pregnant, you have to take good care of yourself. Here, we will look into the different factors you have to consider during this time of pregnancy.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

As part of enhancing your well-being, it is beneficial to maintain a healthy diet. Here, you include food items that contain fiber and are rich in nutrients. Other than that, you have to include food items that can help reduce constipation and, at the same time, avoid those things that can be harmful to you. Some of them are dairy products and certain kinds of meat. However, you can have white meat in your diet and also try to include fruits and vegetables. Here, you have to reduce having junk food items in your diet and have healthy and nutrient-rich snacks.

When it comes to staying hydrated, it is beneficial to have plenty of water. Here, you can try to drink eight to ten glasses of water regularly. Besides, you have to focus on including healthy drinks like smoothies, fresh fruit juices, and smoothies in your diet. Here, ensure that there aren't any preservatives or additives in the fluids. These are some ways by which you can ensure that you have a healthy diet. Even though it is the last week, you have to keep your diet rich in nutrients.

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

During this time of pregnancy, you have to take care of your mental and physical health. Here, you might not be in a position to take part in rigorous exercises. Therefore, if possible, you can go on short walks as it can be helpful for you. However, you have to take care of your mental health during this time. As part of that, you can try out stress-relieving exercises and even try out meditation. Since you have moved past your due date, it can be stressful for you. It is because you might be thinking about the different things that can happen and can be problematic. Hence, if you consider it is necessary, don't hesitate to seek support from a medical professional. Through this, you can reduce the concerns you have and stay healthy.

Speak with Your Doctor

Since it is a crucial time, you have to speak with your doctor. Your doctor can help you overcome any issues you might face. Some of the things you have to consider include:

  • You can ask all the questions that you might have related to the delivery of your baby.
  • Since postpartum depression is a serious concern, you can find ways to deal with it from your doctor.
  • You can speak with your doctor to find out if there are any concerns related to labor induction.

Other Tips

Here are some tips that are worth following when you have stepped into the 42nd week of pregnancy. They can help you navigate through this stage of pregnancy and improve your well-being at different levels.

  • You can have an open discussion with your doctor about the complications associated with delayed pregnancy.
  • Since it can be a stressful time, try to relax more often as it can be beneficial for you to keep yourself calm.
  • If you think there are any bowel changes, it is a sign that shows your little one is about to make its entry into the world.
  • Ensure that you are monitoring any forms of contractions that you might have during this time of pregnancy. If you think it is becoming more than it used to be, you have to speak with your doctor. Here, your doctor will recommend what has to be done, and it can be beneficial for you.
  • Make sure you adopt a comfortable sleeping position and can always use a pillow for you to sleep. When you can get an ample amount of sleep, it will be helpful for you as well.
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