8 Weeks Pregnant

8 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
Yes, you have reached the last week of your second month of pregnancy. As your wait continues to meet your little one, it is time for you to take things slow and take care of yourself. Even though you might not have felt pregnant earlier, your body might start showing a baby bump. Even if it doesn't, it is perfectly alright, and you don't have to worry about it. Your bundle of joy is developing and growing with every passing minute, and you could soon meet your precious one through your very first ultrasound.
During the eighth week of pregnancy, your symptoms could be way higher. You might be feeling nauseous, and vomiting would have become a feature that you want to avoid. Remember that within a few weeks, these illnesses would subside. Apart from this, you might become over sensitive to smells, and your appetite could change tremendously. If you haven't visited your OB-GYN or midwife, it is the ideal time for you to book your first appointment.
Based on your condition, your doctor would prescribe medicines and even ask you to take tests. They can help your doctor to keep track of your health during your pregnancy. Here, we will look into what happens during the eighth week of pregnancy. We will also analyze the different ways you can take care of yourself during this crucial stage.

What Happens During the Eighth Week of Pregnancy?

Like the previous weeks, you might still be under the influence of your hormones. Your baby would be undergoing tremendous changes as the weeks pass by, which is noteworthy. Similarly, your body will also show changes that can have an impact on you during your pregnancy. Here, we will look into the various developments in your baby and your hormonal as well as bodily changes.

Hormonal Changes

During this time, you might feel exhausted and tired due to the hormonal changes happening in you. It is primarily because of the formation of the placenta that is happening within you for your baby's nourishment. Since it is an enormous task, your body requires a lot of energy to complete it.

Other than that, there is an increase in the production of progesterone. It is a hormone that acts as a support system during your pregnancy. It would play a crucial role in producing the milk glands. It is essential for breastfeeding once your child is born. Here, there is also a rise in the metabolism rate, which will pave the way for a decrease in your blood sugar and pressure.

Apart from this, morning sickness, including nausea and vomiting, would still be impacting you. It occurs due to the rise in the HCG hormone, which has been happening for the past few weeks. Since there is a rise in estrogen, it will lead to an increase in vaginal discharge. It occurs because the blood flow to your pelvic area would be more when there is a rise in estrogen. Due to this, your body's mucous membrane gets stimulated, which would result in the formation of vaginal discharge. It would protect you from any form of infection that might happen and bring forth a balance of bacteria present in that region.

Other than these changes happening due to hormones, you might have constipation and gas. They occur because of the relaxing of the muscles present in the gastrointestinal tract by progesterone and relaxin.

Due to this, your food will be moving slowly, which would result in bloating and gastric issues. It would also lead to constipation as food would be present in the digestive tract for a long time. You can reduce these issues with a diet rich in fiber, as it would help overcome indigestion. Avoiding the consumption of fast food and processed food can also be helpful for you during your pregnancy.

Bodily Changes

During this time, you might not have a baby bump yet as it would be around your fourth month that it becomes evident. However, if you were pregnant previously or are carrying twins, you might start showing a belly. But, there would be changes happening in your breast because of the formation of milk ducts. Your breasts would become heavier and tender during this week.

Similar to the previous weeks, you might notice mild abdominal cramping, and your uterus would be expanding to accommodate your little one. However, if you find it challenging, you can speak with your doctor and gain professional help. During this time of pregnancy, you would have a radiant glow on your face.

Here, you might feel an increase in your hair growth as well. Sometimes, you might have symptoms similar to PMS. But, it may not be the same for everyone. These are some of the bodily changes happening in you during the eighth week of your pregnancy.

Fetal Development

During this phase of pregnancy, your baby will be growing at a tremendous rate of a millimeter per day. Here, the development of the placenta is taking place, and your little one is still seeking its nourishments from the amniotic sac. After the creation of the placenta, it would start providing the required nutrients and oxygen to your baby. Here, the legs, arms, and other body parts of your little one would also be developing. The fingers and toes would start differentiating from each other.

Now, your baby will start taking human shape as well. During this time, the heartbeat rate would have reached 150 to 170 times per minute. The central nervous system would be developing, and your baby's brain would be paving the way for small movements. However, your little one may not be yet in a position to feel any of these changes. Similarly, you won't be understanding them as well. It is because your little one is only 1.5 to 2 cm long.

Tips to Take Care of Yourself in the Eighth Week of Pregnancy

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

As we all know, maintaining a healthy diet has a crucial role to play while you are pregnant. Since you might feel nauseous, you have to take care of the food items you have. Having smaller meals, which you can do by dividing it into five to six mini-meals, can be helpful. Ensure that you include healthier options in your diet for both your main meals and snacks.

Selecting food items with healthy and complex carbohydrates can provide for your energy requirements. It is helpful for your baby's well being and growth as well. Here, you can have fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole grain products, dried fruits, etc.

During your pregnancy, you might be craving specific types of food items. They include chocolates, salty snacks, fruits, icecreams, etc. You have to take care of them in a healthy way.

Similar to cravings, you would be having an aversion to some food items. It is perfectly natural, and it is best to avoid food items that make you feel nauseous. Sometimes, you would feel an aversion to food items you have always liked or preferred to have. However, you don't have to worry about it as it could change with time.


When you have stepped into the eighth week of pregnancy, you have to be considerate of the workouts as well. If you have been physically inactive, you can start with low-intensity exercises that include walking. You can do it for five to ten minutes, where you do a short warmup with a moderate workout. You can end it with a cool down as it helps bring your body back to its natural state. With time, you can gradually increase the time of your workouts.

If you are too tired to exercise during a day, there is nothing wrong with skipping it for a day. Meditation and yoga are other practices that you can include in your workout routines. They can keep your mind and body calm and rejuvenated. During this time, it is best to do squats in your workouts as it would help in strengthening your things. It would also assist you while giving birth to your little one.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

During this time of pregnancy and throughout your pregnancy, you have to focus on your mental health. It is best to practice mindfulness and take part in activities that make you happy. If you continue to have issues, you can always seek assistance from your medical practitioner. With this, you can enhance your wellness. If you are someone who works, you should ensure that there is a work-life balance. You can bring it into your life by delegating tasks and seeking help whenever you need them. Speaking with your loved ones and spending quality time with them can also help your psychological and emotional health.

Speaking with Your Doctor

In the eighth week of pregnancy, you have to speak with your doctor and conduct the required examinations. You have to convey to your doctor any issues or concerns that you have. It will help your doctor to ensure that you are on the right track.

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