6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
By the sixth week of pregnancy, you might have figured out that you are expecting. Now, it's time to nurture and take care of your little one, whom you will meet soon. Your little bun is the size of a baked bean and continues to have a tail, which would transform into the spinal cord in time.
Even though there are numerous developments taking place in the embryo, they aren't visible. However, you have to wait for the first scan, which will happen in a couple of weeks, to understand more about your pregnancy. As you are in the second week of your second month of pregnancy, here, we have collated details that can help you during this exciting journey.

What Happens During the Sixth Week?

As you have stepped into the sixth week of your pregnancy, numerous changes happen in you. They include:

Hormonal Changes

Similar to the past week, your hormones would act in unexpected ways. These changes can affect your emotional, psychological and physical health in different ways. However, they are natural and happen with most women during pregnancy. Since there is an increase in your HCG hormone, it increases the blood flow to your pelvic region. Due to this, you would feel a rise in your urination frequency, which is yet another common symptom.

During this stage of pregnancy, your kidney would be putting in a lot of effort to remove waste materials from your body. Other than that, changes in your uterus also can have this impact. An increase in urination frequency would decrease while you enter into the second trimester of your pregnancy.

Apart from the rise in HCG hormone, progesterone increase would have an impact on your digestive system. It would pave the way for bloating and constipation. You can reduce this by avoiding the intake of citrus fruits and tomatoes. It is best to reduce the consumption of fast food items, and having dinner four hours before you sleep can also be helpful.

Other than that, hormonal fluctuations would increase your breast size, and you would be feeling tenderness. Breast pain and tenderness continue during the first trimester of your pregnancy. It occurs due to the production of colostrum, which is a result of the rise in estrogen and progesterone levels. These hormones would lead to an increase in blood flow to your breast and create fat, milky glands, and tissues. These changes are for preparing your breasts to breastfeed your baby. The nipples would start sticking out as well.

Since you are creating another human, you would be facing fatigue. It would turn into pregnancy exhaustion. Hence, you have to take a rest when needed. The hormones would result in muscle relaxation. Since these muscles prevent an acid level increase in your esophagus, it would pave the way for heartburns. Apart from these, your hormones would cause morning sickness, which can happen at any time of the day or night.

Bodily Changes

Even though the chances of having a baby bump are low, countless changes are happening in you. However, if you have been pregnant previously, you might notice some changes during this stage of pregnancy. Similarly, if you are carrying twins, you might have a belly bump by this time.

Akin to the bodily changes you face due to your hormones, your baby is also undergoing tremendous transformation. When it comes to your body, your uterus is acquiring an egg-like shape. It is also pushing down your urinary bladder, which is yet another reason for frequent urination. Your uterus would start growing as well to accommodate your developing little one.

During the fifth week of pregnancy, you would notice light spotting, and it happens to 40% of pregnant women. However, if you find any discomfort or increase in bleeding, don't be hesitant to speak with your doctor. You would have an increase in your milky discharge from your vagina and might face cramps.

Some of these symptoms are similar to the Premenstrual symptoms as well. You would also notice a glow on your face, and your hair would get shinier. Other than that, you might have headaches during this time of pregnancy.

Fetal Development

Your baby is rapidly growing with every passing day. Here, your child's facial features start forming. It means that your baby, which resembles a tadpole, is developing its eyes, ears, which look similar to a dimple or a tiny dot. During this time, your baby is smaller than half an inch, but its growth rate is high.

When it comes to the heart, your baby's heart would be transformed into a four-chambered organ. Besides that, it would be pumping blood to the circulatory system, and the heartbeat rate increases every day. In the first few days of the sixth week, it would be close to 106 times, but it continues to rise. The neural tubes-which play a crucial role in your child's growth- formation are about to be complete while you are in the sixth week of pregnancy.

Your baby's legs and webbed hands start forming in the sixth week. They would tuck up and create a C shape. While measuring the size of your little one, the doctors would do it from the head to rump because of this reason. Apart from them, major internal organs, including kidneys, lungs, and liver, are taking form.

Other than that, early-stage development of the placenta is taking place along with the blood vessels. However, as of now, the yolk sac- attached to the baby- would offer the required nutrients to your little one. But, the sac would start disappearing within a few weeks, and the placenta would provide nourishment to your child.

If you have an ultrasound during this time of pregnancy, you can understand the number of babies you carry. In the case of multiple pregnancies, the embryo would be more than one. Here, you could also listen to your little one's heartbeat. But, your doctor would suggest an ultrasound in your sixth week only if you had In vitro fertilization (IVF).

Tips for Your Sixth Week of Pregnancy

As part of taking care of your health and wellness, here are a few tips that can be helpful during your sixth week of pregnancy.

Having a Healthy Diet

During pregnancy, you need to focus on your body mass index and maintain your body weight. For improving your health, you have to include multivitamins in your diet. Including folic acid, calcium, protein, and iron can also help you and your baby. Since you would have morning sickness, it is best to avoid salty items as snacks. Instead, you can have healthy alternatives like soy chips and popped popcorn.

Even though you may not be a fan of fish, having low-mercury content fish can be beneficial. Tuna and shellfish are excellent options as they can offer you omega-3 oil (DHA). However, you have to cook them properly before having them, and it is best to have two to three servings per week. Other than these fish, it is best to avoid fish items with high-mercury products. They include swordfish, marlin, and bigeye tuna.

Besides that, reduce the intake of caffeine, and if you cannot stay without your cup of coffee, the maximum you can have is 200 mg/day. You have to avoid the consumption of recreational drugs, alcohol, trans fat, and raw fish as well. Another way to reduce the chances of being nauseous and tired is by including complex carbohydrates and proteins in your diet.

Exercising and Sleeping

Exercising is an excellent way to keep track of your health. However, you don't have to pressurize yourself if you don't feel like working out. Instead of finding time for workouts, you can fix a time in your routine. It would assist you to stick to it. But, you can always avoid it if you have a difficult day or if you are not in the mood for workouts.

You can always opt for simple exercises such as brisk walking and yoga. They can help release endorphins in your body, which would improve your mood. It can also enhance your sleep quality. However, you have to work on your sleep routine and create one as it would be beneficial in the long run.

Emotional and Psychological Health

Similar to your physical health, you have to take care of your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Meditation, breathing exercises, speaking with your loved ones, and fragrance therapy are ways to improve them. You can also pamper yourself by curling up on your bed and having a relaxing time. If you have been diagnosed with any mental health concerns, speak with your doctor. You can also take therapy and assistance as it would help you in case of any challenges.

Speaking with Your Medical Practitioner

Once you have a positive on your pregnancy test, you can reach out to your medical professional. You can speak to your doctor about any difficulties you might be facing. Your doctor would take all the necessary steps to improve your holistic wellbeing. Sometimes you might get a Urinary Tract Infection during your sixth week. Under these circumstances, your doctor would prescribe you medicines that won't harm your baby. If you are consulting another doctor, do mention that you are pregnant to ensure safety.

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