29 Weeks Pregnant

29 Weeks Pregnant

Revathi V Gopal
By Revathi V Gopal
You have now reached the twenty-ninth week of pregnancy and stepped into the final trimester. It can be a challenging time since numerous changes happen in you, including physical and emotional. Hence, your focus has to be enhancing your health and well-being to protect yourself and your little one. If you find any complications, don't hesitate to inform your doctor.
During this stage of pregnancy, your little one will become more and more active. It is because you are approaching your dates for childbirth. Here, in this article, we will look into things happening during the 28th week of pregnancy. We will also consider how you can take care of yourself.

What Happens During the Twenty-Ninth Week of Pregnancy?

Similar to the previous week, changes continue to happen to you and your baby. You might also notice an increase in the pregnancy symptoms as you have stepped into the third trimester of pregnancy. Here are some of the main changes happening to you during this stage of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes and Pregnancy Symptoms

Due to the changes in the hormone levels, your body weight will continue to increase. Other than that, breast tenderness and varicose veins are concerns that you might have. Besides, similar to the first trimester, you will notice an increase in your nail growth. It is also happening due to the fluctuations in your hormones.

Similar to the previous weeks, you might have constipation-related issues. It occurs because of an increase in the progesterone level in your body. It results in the pelvic region relaxation, causing this issue and problems to your digestive system.

Another significant change is preeclampsia, which results in complications such as high blood pressure. It can also affect the functioning of your liver and kidney, which may result in complications.

During this time, there is an increase in the blood volume passing through your veins. It will result in varicose veins in your body. It can also happen due to the pressure on the pelvic veins by your uterus.

Other than that, you might notice that your skin is becoming highly sensitive. It occurs because of the hormones at play, and you might also feel allergic while using substances like detergents and chlorine. Heat and having certain food items in your diet can also increase the sensitiveness of your skin. These are the main hormonal changes and pregnancy symptoms you can have while you are 29 weeks pregnant.

Bodily Changes

As mentioned above, you will be gaining weight while you are in the 29th week of pregnancy. It is because of the hormones, your baby's development, and other changes happening in you. During this weight, you will be gaining between 19 and 25 pounds. However, it depends upon several factors, and most importantly, it is the number of babies you are carrying.

The size of your baby bump will be increasing while you are in the 29th week of pregnancy. When you look, you might find it difficult to see your feet. Other than that, you will notice an increase in amniotic fluid in your uterus. During this time, you might feel breathlessness and even notice leg cramps. These are the main things that happen to your body while you are 29 weeks pregnant.

However, if you think that the issues exceed, you shouldn't hesitate to speak with your doctor. Your medical practitioner will support you in overcoming the concerns you might have.

Fetal Development

During this week of pregnancy, your little one will weigh around 1.1 to 1.4 kg, and your baby will be 30 to 41 cm tall. However, it might fluctuate depending upon different factors. When compared to the previous week, your little one's weight has doubled and, at times, even tripled. Due to this, you might even face discomfort as you walk or do different chores. However, you have to remember that it is perfectly alright to feel these changes in you.

When it comes to the changes happening to your little one, your baby will be forming a new layer of white fat under its skin. It is a component that can help provide energy to your body and increase your little one's girth. Other than that, your baby will become more active during these days of pregnancy. Because of this, there will be an increase in the intensity of the kicks and pokes you feel. It will be beneficial for you to keep track of these movements as it will help you know that your little one doesn't have any issues.

Besides, your little one will be spending a lot of time sleeping and will even start smiling. Another noticeable change during this time of pregnancy is that the wrinkles on your little one's skin will smoothen out. Your baby's lungs will still be undergoing the development process. Due to this, your baby might be having hiccups similar to the previous weeks. When it comes to your little one's bones, they are not yet hard. They will be soft, and during this week, your baby's bone will start showing an increase in hardness.

Another significant factor to note is that your baby's eyes become sensitive to light. Even though your little one's eyesight is not perfect, your baby's eyes will be becoming more used to the environment. These are the main changes happening to your little one while you are twenty-nine weeks pregnant.

Things to Take Care During the 29th Week

As part of taking care of yourself and your little one, you have to consider different factors. Here, we will be looking into the various ways to enhance your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

It is beneficial to have a healthy and balanced diet while you are pregnant. Ensure that you have enough nutrients and proteins in your diet plan. For instance, it is essential to have about 250 mg of dietary calcium in your diet. Here, you can include it by having calcium-rich food items like soy milk, sardines, dried figs, and also through calcium supplements. When you have sufficient calcium intake in your diet, it will help enhance the bone development of your little one. Here, you have to ensure that you drink plenty of fluids and have fruits as well as vegetables. Other than that, ensure that you have iron-rich food items, including lean beef, fish, lentils, etc.

Enhance Your Physical Health

Exercising is an integral part of improving your physical health. Some workouts can also assist in enhancing your mental well-being. Here, you have to focus on taking part in pregnancy-friendly workouts. You can opt for moderate exercises such as walking, swimming, etc. Other than that, you can also join online or offline classes that offer pregnancy-oriented workout sessions.

You have to make sure that you are comfortable while you do your exercises. Here, it is beneficial to wear comfortable shoes with solid arch support. Wearing a supportive bra can also be helpful while you exercise. These are some factors to keep in mind while engaging in workouts during your pregnancy.

Focus on Your Mental Well-being

Most people fail to understand the significance of mental well-being. Since you are approaching your labor, you might feel anxious and stressed. Some women even show signs of depression, which will need special medical attention. If you have been undergoing psychological issues, it is best to continue your therapies and treatments. Through this, you can ensure that there are no concerns and can improve your mental health.

For instance, speaking with your loved ones or spending quality time with yourself can all be helpful for you. Besides, you have to ensure that you are not stressing yourself. It will have a drastic impact on your mind and body. If you require help with your chores, don't forget to seek help. Other than that, you have to bring in a work-life balance and ensure that you are not working too much. These are some ways by which you can work on improving your mental health.

Other Tips

Similar to the different things you have to take care of as mentioned above, here are a few other tips as well.

  • During this time of pregnancy, it will be beneficial if you have your prenatal vitamins.
  • Ensure that you have enough calcium components in your diet. Here, you can even take calcium supplements if suggested by your doctor. Depending upon your health condition, your doctor can increase its dosage.
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